A Developer’s Playground: Integrating APIs with BetPro Exchange

The world of sports betting has entered a new era of possibilities with the rise of betting exchanges like BetPro Exchange. These exchanges allow developers to tap into a wealth of data and create innovative betting platforms and models through open API architectures.

The Power of Betting Exchange APIs

BetPro Exchange stands out with its unmatched API offering real-time odds feeds, betting streams, historical datasets, and more from sports leagues around the world. This opens up endless integration opportunities for developers looking to build the next big thing in sports wagering.

Real-Time Odds and Betting Streams

The API provides live betting odds and enables you to stream bets in real-time. This allows developers to create platforms where bettors can instantly react to odds changes and see up-to-the-second action.

Historical Odds Datasets

Years worth of historical odds data is available covering 400,000+ sporting events. This huge dataset enables in-depth quantitative analysis to uncover betting angles and opportunities.

Sport Specific Models

With data spanning soccer, tennis, basketball and more – sport specific models can be built around things like possessions, power plays, server/returner dynamics and much more.

Unlocking Innovation for Developers

By providing real-time and historical data feeds in an easy-to-use API, BetPro Exchange lets developers focus on building amazing products rather than worrying about data infrastructure and sources.

Rapid Prototyping

Rich data flows allow rapid prototyping to validate ideas and models before committing additional development time and resources.

Customizable Applications

Developers have the flexibility to consume parts of the API to power specific types of applications – real-time odds apps, wagering platforms, modelling software, and more.

Reduced Time to Market

The heavy lifting of acquiring, processing and storing billions of odds datapoints and betting streams is already done. This means accelerated timelines taking ideas to working prototypes in weeks rather than months.

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What Can Developers Build?

The possibilities are endless when leveraging BetPro Exchange’s market leading API. Here are some examples to spark ideas:

Betting Applications and Models

  • Apps for profiling sports, leagues and finding betting angles
  • AI models for spread and totals predictions
  • Proprietary speed and pace adjustments for teams and players
  • Live wagering applications

Quantatitive Analysis Software

  • Tools to analyze historical odds movements
  • Programs to uncover market ineffiencies
  • Simulation engines for backtesting theories

Alternative Betting Interfaces

  • Custom sportsbooks with real-time odds
  • Reimagined user experiences focused on specific bet types (props, derivatives, etc)
  • Tools displaying predictive analytics for bettors

The only limit is your imagination when tapping into the rich and expansive capabilities of the BetPro Exchange API!

API Access and Getting Started

Gaining API access is easy and BetPro Exchange offers different subscription plans based on usage levels and specific sports data needs.

Flexible Plans

Choose the right tier based on the scope of your application and development phase – with options to upgrade.

Code Libraries

Code libraries for Python, Java, Javascript and more accelerate your build by handling API access and authentication.

Detailed Documentation

Everything needed to start building is conveniently at your fingertips with extensive docs covering endpoints, methods, parameters, schemas and more.

Check out the BetPro Exchange API docs to dive in!

Join a Thriving Ecosystem of Innovators

Hundreds of developers are already building on BetPro Exchange – join the community to collaborate, get help and share what you created!


The possibilities with BetPro Exchange’s industry leading API are endless. Tap into the treasure trove of real-time and historical sports data to build the next big thing in sports betting. Join the community of developers innovating with BetPro Exchange today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are covered by the API?

The API covers 40+ sports categories including popular North American leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. Plus European soccer leagues, tennis, cricket and more.

Is there a free tier for the API?

Yes, BetPro Exchange offers a free sandbox tier that provides full access so developers can build and test applications using real data at no cost. Usage limits apply.

Are there really over 400,000 historical events available?

Yes! The historical odds database spans back over a decade and covers 400k+ matches, games and events across all supported sports.

Can the API connect to my database?

Absolutely – the API offers webhooks and callbacks to programmatically move data in real time to and from your database infrastructure.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Drop the BetPro Exchange API team a note at api@betproexchange.com or start a live chat through their developer portal for assistance.

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