Betpro’s Affiliate Program: Earning While Betting

Betpro’s Affiliate Program: Earning While Betting

Betting online has become incredibly popular in recent years. With so many sportsbooks to choose from, competition is fierce to attract new customers. One way the top sites try to stand out is through affiliate marketing programs that allow website owners, bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to earn commissions by referring traffic.

Betpro operates one of the most generous affiliate programs in the industry, making it easy to monetize your audience while also providing them value. This article will break down exactly how Betpro’s program works, the benefits it provides, and tips to maximize your earnings.

An Overview of Betpro

Betpro is an online sportsbook operating globally under a license from the Government of Curacao. Their site provides betting opportunities for dozens of sports, including all major leagues as well as niche sporting events happening around the world.

Betpro stands out for its smooth user experience, extensive betting options, and some of the most competitive odds you’ll find. They are especially known for their wide variety of prop bets, live betting functionality, and extensive casino gaming options.

Of course, the affiliate program is another huge draw bringing in partners. Let’s look at exactly how it works.

How the Betpro Affiliate Program Functions

Betpro’s affiliate program provides some of the most lucrative earning opportunities in the industry today. Their tiered commission structure, detailed reporting, and range of promotional tools make running a successful affiliate site with them straightforward.

Partners earn a percentage of net revenue based on the number of new players referred in a calendar month:

  • Tier 1: 35% revenue share for 1-5 newly referred players
  • Tier 2: 40% revenue share for 6-10 newly referred players
  • Tier 3: 45% revenue share for 11+ newly referred players

These commissions apply to all activity from your referrals, including sports betting, casino gaming, and more.

The program utilizes advanced tracking links and cookies to ensure you get credit for each lead you generate. Payouts are made monthly as long as your account balance is at least $100.

Why Partner with Betpro?

Betpro’s affiliate program has carved out a strong reputation in the industry for offering some of the highest earning potentials out there today. Let’s look at some of the key benefits:

1. Top-Tier Commissions

As shown above, partners can earn up to 45% of net revenue from players they refer. These industry-leading commission rates enable you to monetize your audience well.

The three-tiered system also provides you incremental incentives to drive more volume month after month.

2. Complete Account Reporting

Inside your affiliate dashboard, you have access to detailed analytics on all aspects of your account including:

  • Traffic & Conversion Rates
  • Top Geographies
  • Referral Sources
  • Commission Breakdowns

These insights help you understand precisely what’s working so you can double down on the most effective affiliate marketing strategies.

3. Quality Reputation

As an affiliate, you want to be certain the brands you partner with have sterling reputations. Issues like slow payments or poor customer service end up negatively impacting your credibility as well.

Betpro is licenced and in good legal standing while also offering customer support across 8 languages. Players can fund accounts and withdraw winnings through all the most common methods securely.

You won’t have to worry about complaints from referrals impacting your business by partnering with Betpro.

4. High Lifetime Value Customers

Sports bettors and casino players alike tend to come back to their favorite sites repeatedly as long as they have a positive experience. Unlike most industries, gambling affiliates earn commissions on players month after month with no added work.

Industry data shows the LTV (lifetime value) of a typical player is between $500-$1000. Strong brands like Betpro likely see even higher loyalty rates and retention numbers.

This means each referral you generate can pay dividends for months or years down the road thanks to industry-leading lifetime commissions.

Best Practices for Promoting Betpro

Now that you understand the upside of representing Betpro as an affiliate let’s examine some proven promotion strategies.

The following approaches can help you connect Betpro with interested sports bettors while maximizing your commissions over the long run.

1. Content Marketing

One of the most effective techniques is creating written content centered around Betpro and online sports betting. Useful topics include:

  • Betpro product reviews
  • Odds comparisons between sportsbooks
  • Betting tips, strategies, and predictions
  • Reports on the legality of betting in different countries
  • Interviews/profiles of professional bettors
  • Blog posts tracking your betting journey using Betpro and results

optimize all content for SEO, promote it through social channels, and embed Betpro affiliate links directly within each piece.

2. Video Content

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, many of whom enjoy learning about sports betting from personalities who educate and entertain.

Developing a YouTube channel reviewing Betpro, walking through gameplay, providing tricks for boosting win rates, and more can connect you with massive audiences of eager viewers. Include an affiliate link in the description of each video.

Live streams, vlogs, over-the-shoulder game footage, and leaderboard updates showing earnings also perform exceptionally well.

3. Niche Down

The most successful affiliates target specific user segments that are passionate about Betpro’s offering.

Rather than competing in hyper-competitive areas like “sports betting tips,” narrow down into underserved topics like Betpro strategies for live betting NBA games or making profitable prop bets on golf majors.

This optimized targeting aligns perfectly with users ready to create accounts through your exclusive links.

4. Promotions and Giveaways

Incentivize visitors to sign up with Betpro by running promotions like:

  • Free betting credit giveaways for new accounts
  • Tournament pools with prizes for top performers
  • Contest rewards for referrals who hit certain benchmarks

Collect email addresses as lead magnets for future marketing. Make sure all CTAs route users to your tracked affiliate links.

5. Paid Traffic Sources

You can accelerate customer acquisition through paid ads across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. The key is optimizing spend toward viewers with an existing interest in online betting.

Retarget those who engage with free content to maximize conversions. Let the BETPRO backend tracking provide the attribution data on where your traffic is most efficient.

Why Betpro Stands Out From the Competition

While affiliate programs are common across most betting sites, BETPRO offers partners advantages you simply will not find elsewhere.

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes them a cut above other options:

  • Higher revenue share commissions – With their industry-best rates, no other program pays out more per referral.
  • Comprehensive analytics – The detailed reporting provides complete visibility so you know precisely what’s working.
  • Strong brand reputation – Issues like slow payments or unhappy customers will undermine your credibility.
  • More lucrative customer LTV – BETPRO’s loyal following means longer-term earning from each referral.
  • Better product offering – From thousands of betting markets to their top-ranked mobile experience, BETPRO attracts and retains players exceptionally well.

Partnering with the right brand is crucial as an affiliate. BETPRO checks every box, providing you the resources to build a thriving affiliate business.

Of course, results ultimately come down to your ability to connect their sportsbook with prospective bettors. By implementing the promotional strategies covered above, you can leverage BETPRO’s advantages to the fullest.

The steps for getting started are quick and easy from there!

Getting Started as a BETPRO Affiliate

If you are sold on the benefits of representing BETPRO as an affiliate marketer, signing up to dive right in takes just a few minutes.

Here is the process:

  1. Visit the BETPRO Affiliates Page
  2. Click “Register Now”
  3. Enter Your Details including website URL, ad account IDs, etc.
  4. Check your email for a message from BETPRO and click the confirmation link
  5. Access your Affiliate Dashboard
  6. Browse Promotional Tools Like banners, text links, and more
  7. Choose Materials to Upload to Your Site
  8. Start Driving Traffic and Monitor Your Results

Once your account is approved, you will have everything needed to start referring sports bettors right away.

BETPRO makes launching and optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts straightforward. Still have questions? Their customer service team is available 24/7 to help affiliates succeed.

The potential earnings from the BETPRO affiliate program are immense. Avoid leaving money on the table by joining and leveraging their industry-best offerings to the fullest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What locations can players be from for affiliates to earn commissions?

BETPRO holds gaming licenses in several key jurisdictions. However, their affiliate program policy is more flexible. You can earn commissions from referring recreational bettors practically worldwide.

The only exceptions are countries where online betting regulated like France, Sweden, and The Netherlands. Visitors from these areas would need an account with a licenced operator.

How often are affiliate payments paid out?

Affiliate commissions are processed on a Net-15 basis once your account balance eclipses the $100 threshold.

So you would receive payment on the 15th of the following month. From there, future earnings are paid each period once hitting the minimum.

Can I refer friends to use my affiliate link?

Absolutely! Referring those you know personally is encouraged.

Just make sure they understand not to create multiple accounts, or BETPRO may revoke any commissions earned on their activity.

What platforms can I use to promote BETPRO?

Their program is compatible with all marketing channels including:

  • Web sites
  • YouTube
  • Social media
  • SEM
  • Email
  • Influencers

Essentially any digital properties and audiences you can leverage to drive traffic fall within their program policies.

Diversifying efforts across multiple platforms is the best approach.

Are there any special requirements to join the affiliate program?

BETPRO does ask partners to link active websites showcasing original content.

But otherwise, there are no unusual eligibility factors. Anyone can submit an application to get started.

Overall BETPRO offers an incredible opportunity to profit from the booming online betting industry. As long as your country allows online marketing promotions, you can leverage their industry-leading affiliate program.

The next step is getting your account created and launching those initial campaigns. Don’t let another day pass leaving easy money on the table – apply to partner with BETPRO today!

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