How to Create Betpro Master Account

How to Create Betpro Master Account

Betpro Exchange is a leading online betting exchange that allows users to bet against each other. Creating a master account on Betpro Exchange provides access to all of the platform’s features and benefits.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a Betpro Exchange master account.

What is a Betpro Exchange Master Account?

A Betpro Exchange master account is the highest tier account available on the betting exchange. It unlocks exclusive tools and services not available with a standard account, giving users an edge when betting.

Some key features of a Betpro Exchange master account include:

  • Access to Betpro Exchange PRO – advanced trading tools and insights
  • Increased bet limits – up to £500,000 per bet
  • Personalised pricing on certain markets
  • Dedicated account manager support
  • Faster deposits and withdrawals
  • Discounts and rewards through the Betpro Exchange loyalty program

Having a master account establishes you as a VIP customer, providing the ultimate betting exchange experience.

Step 1 – Register for a Standard Account

The first step is to register for a standard Betpro Exchange account. This involves:

  • Entering your personal details
  • Verifying your identity
  • Setting a username and password
  • Accepting the terms and conditions

You must be 18+ and provide accurate information to create an account. The identity verification helps Betpro Exchange comply with licensing and regulations.

Once your standard account is open, you can request an upgrade to a master account.

Step 2 – Verify Your Account Activity

To qualify for a master account, Betpro Exchange wants to see activity on your standard account. This helps demonstrate you are an experienced user who will maximize the benefits of VIP status.

It’s recommended to:

  • Make 5-10 deposits and place a similar number of bets over 1-2 months
  • Wager at least £5,000 in total volume during this period
  • Use diverse bet types – singles, multiples, system bets etc.
  • Maintain a positive account balance

This account activity verifies you are an active customer ready for the advanced tools a master account offers.

Step 3 – Contact Betpro Exchange Customer Support

Once you have established activity on your standard account, contact Betpro Exchange customer support to request a upgrade.

Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch. You can also request a callback or email support.

Explain you have consistently used your account and are interested in a master account. The support representative will be able to view your account history and start the upgrade process.

Step 4 – Complete the Master Account Application

You will receive a special master account application from the Betpro Exchange support team. This application collects:

  • Personal information
  • Betting preferences and goals
  • Deposit/withdrawal details
  • Loyalty program interests

Filling this out accurately helps tailor your master account experience. It also ensures you meet eligibility criteria for the VIP service level.

Once submitted, the application is reviewed by the management team. They will contact you with the results in 1-3 working days.

Step 5 – Accept the Master Account Agreement

If approved, you will receive a master account welcome pack by email. This includes:

  • Confirmation of your status
  • Access details for Betpro Exchange PRO
  • Account manager introduction
  • Loyalty program benefits

You must accept and sign the master account agreement to finalize the upgrade. This outlines the terms and conditions related to VIP features you now access.

Once the agreement is signed, your Betpro Exchange account will instantly update to master status!

Benefits of a Betpro Exchange Master Account

Upgrading to a master account unlocks significant benefits:

Betpro Exchange PRO

This exclusive platform provides master account users with:

  • Bet Scanner – Identifies arbing and value bet opportunities
  • Automated Betting – Places pre-programmed bets for you
  • Advanced Charts – Detailed stats and data visualizations
  • Early Cash Out – Cashes bets out before the event ends

Betpro Exchange PRO elevates betting by automatically finding profitable scenarios and executing them through automated tools. The increased control and customization creates a professional betting operation.

Higher Bet Limits

Standard accounts on Betpro Exchange have a max bet limit of £2,000. Master accounts see this increased to £500,000.

The substantially higher limits let you place large wagers with ease. This satisfies customers who want to bet seriously with five- and six-figure sums. The liquidity to accept these bets is provided by the bookmaker directly.

Personalised Pricing

Betpro Exchange can offer master account users bespoke odds through special pricing algorithms. This guarantees the best odds on certain markets above the standard account rates.

Personalised pricing ensures you maximise returns on the wagers you place most often. Betpro Exchange want to reward customers who consistently bet larger amounts.

Priority Support

A dedicated account manager is assigned to every master account user. They are your direct contact for any queries or issues.

This VIP-level support is vastly superior to standard wait times. Account managers also provide tips, resolve disputes, and monitor your account for optimization. Issues get resolved faster with this hands-on approach.

Faster Withdrawals

Standard account withdrawals take 1-3 working days for eWallet/debit cards, and 3-5 days for bank transfer.

Master accounts benefit from same day withdrawals, meaning access to funds in just hours. The increased speed reflects your higher tier status.

Loyalty Program Rewards

Betpro Exchange provide escalating discounts, free bets, bonuses, and gifts through their VIP loyalty program. These rewards boost your bankroll and enhance the master account experience.

The more you wager, the higher your monthly cashback. Betpro Exchange want to thank customers who wager six-figures per month.

Is a Master Account Right for You?

Becoming a master account user on Betpro Exchange makes sense if:

  • You regularly bet £5,000+ monthly or make five-figure wagers
  • Want VIP treatment and specialized support
  • Seek exclusive tools only offered to top users
  • Can maximize high bet limits up to half a million pounds

The rewards and elite service justify upgrading for serious bettors. Yet for casual users who wager occasionally, a standard account likely suffices.

Analyze your needs and betting activity. For frequent high rollers, the master account edge is invaluable.

Step Up Your Betting at Betpro Exchange

The master account program at Betpro Exchange catering specifically to their best customers. If you regularly wager large amounts, contact support and begin the upgrade process today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a master account upgrade take?

After contacting support, it takes approximately 1 week to get approved and transition to a master account.

What happens if I stop wagering enough monthly?

Your account is reviewed regularly. Consistently low activity can result in downgrading you back to a standard account.

Is there a fee to upgrade accounts?

No, Betpro Exchange does not charge to upgrade from standard to master account. It’s based on your eligibility.

Can I refer friends to also get master accounts?

Yes, once you have a master account you can refer others. If approved, you will receive commission on their activity.

How do I communicate with my account manager?

Live chat and email are available. You can also request a direct phone number for phone support with your dedicated account manager.

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