BetPro’s Expansion Plans: Exploring New Markets

BetPro, the leading online sports betting platform, has exciting plans to expand into new markets in 2023 and beyond. As legalized sports betting continues growing in popularity across North America, BetPro aims to increase its customer base by offering its services in states and provinces that have recently regulated online wagering.

Why Expand into New Markets?

Expanding into these newly regulated areas provides substantial opportunities for BetPro. As one of the most trusted names in online sports betting, BetPro can leverage its experience and technology to gain market share where competition is still solidifying.

Increase Customer Base

Each state and province that legalizes represents millions of potential new customers for BetPro. Compared to more mature markets, new areas often allow operators to acquire users at a lower cost. BetPro hopes to attract customers with introductory offers.

First-Mover Advantage

By expanding early into a new market, BetPro can become one of the first options available to local bettors. This first-mover status typically results in an increased brand awareness and loyalty over time.

Proven Platform

After years of development and learning, BetPro has built one of the premier online betting experiences. Its platform, both desktop and mobile, offers customers ease of use and reliability even during the biggest sporting events.

New Markets Targeted for Expansion

BetPro plans to expand next into states and provinces that began legally licensing operators in the past two years. Priority areas include:


Ontario launched regulated online sports betting in April 2022. As Canada’s most populous province, Ontario represents a major growth opportunity for operators. Experts predict the total Ontario market could eventually rival established U.S. states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


Maryland’s sports betting legislation became effective in December 2021 with the first operator launching in November 2022. While the market is still ramping up, Maryland’s location could allow BetPro to expand its current mid-Atlantic presence.


Louisiana officially legalized statewide mobile betting in December 2021. After multiple delays, the first online sportsbook went live in January 2023. Louisiana appears positioned for strong market growth as more operators roll out platforms for customers across the state.

How BetPro Expands into New Markets

Expanding into a new jurisdiction requires significant planning, investment, and effort behind the scenes. Here is a look at BetPro’s process for launching in new areas:

Securing Market Access

To legally operate in a state or province, BetPro partners with a land-based venue ‒ usually a casino or racetrack. A “skin” deal or sponsorship agreement provides BetPro market access in exchange for revenue share.

Licensing and Compliance

Every new jurisdiction involves its own licensing process to approve online betting providers. BetPro has a dedicated team of lawyers and professionals to achieve compliance in each unique regulatory environment.

Building the Customer Experience

Months before launch, BetPro constructs the front-end experience customers will see. This involves establishing responsible gaming controls, geofencing technology, deposit/withdrawal procedures and tailored promotions.

Back-End Technical Integration

Behind the scenes, engineers perform the vital technical work to deploy BetPro’s platform locally. Servers are configured to comply with laws in the respective market related to problem gambling and identity verification.

The Path Ahead

As BetPro expands, leadership aims to balance rapid growth with financial sustainability. Profitability cannot be sacrificed purely to capture market share from the start. Management expects newer states and provinces to eventually produce returns similar to more mature jurisdictions.

BetPro remains committed to responsible betting standards and providing customers with a safe, enjoyable platform no matter their location. Overall, expanding into these emerging markets aligns with BetPro’s disciplined long-term vision for increasing its leadership position in online sports betting.


With regulated online sports betting expanding rapidly since 2018, BetPro plans to leverage its trusted platform to enter growing markets across North America. New states and provinces offer the chance to responsibly acquire customers. While launching in new jurisdictions requires effort, BetPro’s premier technology provides the opportunity to build market share through a focus on reliability and safety.


Does BetPro currently accept customers from any state or province?

No, BetPro only operates in states and provinces that have passed legislation allowing licensed online sports betting operators. BetPro is pushing to expand next into newly regulated markets.

What will mobile betting be like on BetPro?

Similar to its existing markets, BetPro is launching fully-featured iOS and Android apps customized to each new jurisdiction it enters. Mobile represents over 50% of total customer activity on BetPro.

How can I receive updates on BetPro’s expansion plans?

Visit and click “New Markets” at the bottom. Provide your email address to sign up for alerts whenever BetPro launches in a new state or province.

Will I receive a signup offer when BetPro opens near me?

Yes, signup and deposit bonuses are an important part of attracting customers when BetPro enters new markets. Scope out your local competition to get the best introductory offer.

What should I do if online sports betting is not yet legal where I live?

Contact your local state or province representatives to let them know you want regulated sports betting. Expanding access to safe, responsible gaming options continues across North America.

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