BetPro’s Role in Promoting Responsible Gambling

BetPro, one of the world’s leading online sports betting companies, takes responsible gambling very seriously. With over 15 million users globally, BetPro recognizes its responsibility to promote healthy gambling habits and provide resources for those struggling with addiction. This article explores BetPro’s industry-leading responsible gambling initiatives.

Implementing Safeguards and Controls

BetPro has implemented various safeguards and controls to encourage responsible gambling:

Self-Exclusion Options

BetPro offers self-exclusion options, allowing users to set limits or block themselves for a set time or permanently. This puts control back into the hands of users.

Deposit Limits

Users can impose daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits to restrict spending to affordable levels. BetPro also sets deposit caps for new users.

Session Time Limits

Users get reminders when they approach one hour of play and can set mandatory break prompts. This interrupts excessive play.

Reality Checks

Pop-up messages providing account summaries with time and money spent help users track gambling activity.

Providing Transparency Around Gambling

BetPro aims to provide transparency around gambling activity:

Account History

Account histories listing every bet, outcome and deposit/withdrawal provide transparency. This helps identify risky patterns of play.

Easy Access to Play History

Users can easily track play duration, bets placed, outcomes and expenditure day-to-day or over longer periods.

Educating Users about Responsible Gambling

BetPro’s website contains extensive educational materials covering:

Indicators of Problematic Gambling

Checklists help users identify signs of potential addiction like escalating bets, hiding activity, and obsession over gambling.

Tips for Staying in Control

Articles provide tips for setting a gambling budget, pacing play, avoiding chasing losses, and interpreting wins rationally.

Misconceptions about Winning

Users learn how chance determines results, not factors like skill or luck. This reduces unrealistic expectations.

Providing Support Resources

BetPro offers links to national and local problem gambling helplines, counselling services, and support groups on all pages. A live chat with gambling addiction experts is also available 24/7.

Collaborating with Research Centers

BetPro partners with leading research centers like the International Center for Responsible Gaming to fund studies on identifying and minimizing gambling’s risks. Findings shape BetPro policies.


While most users gamble responsibly for entertainment, BetPro acknowledges that addiction is a risk. Through responsible gambling features, education, support services, and research, BetPro aims to let users enjoy betting safely. Additional responsible gambling initiatives are continually under development as well.


What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling means betting within affordable limits responsibly for recreational purposes, without excessive risk or harm. Features like deposit limits support responsible play.

How does BetPro help problem gamblers?

BetPro provides self-exclusion options, links to support services, live chat with experts, and transparency around activity. BetPro wants users with issues to access help, limit risk and bet safely.

Does BetPro encourage excessive gambling?

No. Through deposit caps, reality checks, timeout prompts and education, BetPro actively discourages excessive, high-risk play. Safeguards aim to intervene before problems develop.

Can BetPro guarantee users won’t become addicted?

No responsible gambling operator can guarantee users won’t ever struggle with addiction. But BetPro’s safeguards significantly minimize risks and provide support if issues emerge. Most users enjoy betting safely.

What additional responsible gambling initiatives does BetPro have planned?

BetPro is exploring more sophisticated algorithms to detect problematic patterns of play and expanded counsellor chat hours to provide support 24 hours a day. Research partnerships also further understanding of addiction risk factors.

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