Enhancing Precision: Advanced Order Types on BetPro Exchange

As online sports betting continues to grow in popularity, sportsbooks keep innovating to attract bettors by offering increased options, flexibility and potential returns. One key area of innovation is advanced order types that aim to give you more precision and control over your wagers. Let’s explore what advanced orders BetPro Exchange now offers and how you can utilize them to maximize your betting strategy.

Taking Control with Advanced Orders

BetPro Exchange has introduced new advanced order types beyond the simple back and lay bets that give you more customization for finer-tuned betting. With advanced orders, you input specific parameters to trigger a wager instead of passively waiting for it to match. This allows you to define highly precise situations for placing particular bets.

Key Benefits

Advanced orders unlock several key advantages:

  • More control over precisely when and how much gets staked
  • Ability to set highly specific triggers tailored to your strategy
  • Potential for bigger returns through increased precision
  • Useful tools for hedging, mitigating risk, and managing bankrolls

In short, advanced orders enhance how you can leverage BetPro Exchange for your favor. Let’s look at exactly what’s now available.

Order Types for Greater Precision

BetPro Exchange offers a robust suite of new order types for getting extremely targeted with your wagers. Beyond simple back and lay bets, you can now utilize:

If-Touched Bets

If-touched bets let you place a wager that only triggers if and when the odds reach a threshold you pre-define. This lets you stake bets at the exact odds you want without tying up funds waiting for it to match.

Range Bets

With range betting, you can set a minimum and maximum threshold for the odds rather than an exact figure. It will back or lay a bet if the odds fall anywhere within that range. This gives you more flexibility to win.

Heartbeat Bets

Heartbeat betting checks the odds at regular intervals and places the bet if your target is reached at one of the periodic checks. You get to define the frequency of the checks.

Fill or Kill

As the name suggests, fill or kill orders must be filled entirely and immediately or else they are canceled. You define the stake amount and acceptable odds and the bet is only placed if it can be matched fully on the first attempt. If any part is unmatched, it is voided. This type ensures you either get exactly what you want or bet nothing at all.

Fill and Kill

With fill and kill bets, the order fills the highest possible amount immediately and cancels any portion that cannot be filled. If only part of your stake amount finds a match at the current back or lay price, it will place whatever piece it can while canceling the remainder of the order.

Strategic Usage of Advanced Orders

Now that you know the various advanced order types available, how can you best utilize them for more optimal betting? Consider these strategic applications:

Secure Better Odds

Place if-touched bets to snap up better odds if the price moves in your favor instead of settling too early. Range bets also allow you to net better returns.

Mitigate Risk

Heartbeat betting at regular intervals removes the risk of getting the worst price while waiting for volatile odds to change. It ensures pacing your backing or laying.

Improve Bankroll Management

Since advanced orders avoid tying up your bankroll waiting for matches, you can reserve more funds for other potential bets. Fill or kill further lets you only place what you intend.

Tighten Hedging

The increased precision of advanced orders helps master hedging techniques since you can dial in parameters to balance liability across back and lay bets.

Respond to Live Events

As odds shift during live events, advanced orders let you instantly act when key thresholds are crossed to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Activating Advanced Orders

Taking advantage of these robust advanced order options is straightforward within your BetPro Exchange account:

  1. Access your Wagers page from the account dashboard
  2. Select “Advanced” from the order type dropdown
  3. Choose your desired order type
  4. Input the parameters like odds range, stake amount, etc.
  5. Submit the order

Once placed, your advanced order will lie in wait to automatically trigger based on the conditions you defined. The platform handles the rest!


Advanced order types finally offer the precision control, responsiveness and risk management needed to truly master sports betting exchanges.

BetPro Exchange has some of the most flexible, customizable options available today. By harnessing if-touched, range, heartbeat, fill or kill and more, you gain an arsenal of tools to automate and optimize your betting strategy.

Use advanced orders to tighten spreads, maximize profits and act decisively on market shifts during live wagering. The future of smart sports betting lies in elevated order types.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about advanced orders:

What are the key benefits of using advanced orders?

Advanced orders give you more precision, control and automation for sports betting. Main benefits are better odds, improved bankroll management, tighter hedging and responding instantly to live events.

What should I consider when selecting an advanced order type?

Consider factors like your risk tolerance, desired odds, market volatility, bankroll impact, and how instantly you need to be able to place or cancel the bet. Weigh those needs against the parameters of each order.

Can I combine multiple advanced order types?

Absolutely. You can have a portfolio of different advanced orders tailored to various situations. This provides even more customization and diversification.

What happens if market conditions prevent my advanced order from filling?

If the prerequisites of if-touched, range, heartbeat or fill or kill bets cannot be met, the order will expire without being placed. Only you can lose is the opportunity cost of tying up those funds.

How are advanced orders shown in my betting history and statements?

Once an advanced order actually triggers and places a bet, it will display in your history and account statements like any normal wager with details on the match price, outcome etc.

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