Exploring BetPro’s Social Responsibility Initiatives

Exploring BetPro's Social Responsibility Initiatives

BetPro, the leading online betting platform, has been ramping up its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in recent years. From sustainable operations to ethical supply chains and community support programs, BetPro aims to set the standard for socially-conscious gambling platforms.

Implementing Sustainable Business Practices

As part of its focus on environmental sustainability, BetPro has implemented various eco-friendly business practices.

Transitioning to Renewable Energy

In 2022, BetPro transitioned to using 100% renewable energy to power its offices and data centers. This included installing on-site solar panels and purchasing renewable energy credits.

Reducing Waste Through Recycling and Upcycling Programs

BetPro also runs comprehensive recycling and upcycling programs across its facilities to divert waste from landfills. This waste is either donated, reused on-site, or turned into usable materials.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Additionally, BetPro offsets its remaining carbon emissions by funding afforestation projects. It plants 50 trees for every ton of emissions generated from business travel.

Building an Ethical and Diverse Supply Chain

BetPro also prioritizes supply chain ethics and diversity in its vendor selection process.

Auditing Suppliers and Manufacturers

It conducts regular audits of its suppliers’ and manufacturers’ facilities to ensure safe and fair working conditions. Any violations of its ethical standards lead to corrective action plans or termination of contracts.

Promoting Minority-Owned Businesses

When looking for new suppliers, BetPro actively searches for qualified minority-owned and women-owned businesses. This helps address representation gaps while supporting economic opportunities.

Championing Responsible Gambling Practices

Promoting responsible gambling is a key pillar of BetPro’s CSR efforts.

Strict Age and Identity Verification Processes

BetPro utilizes AI technology and manual review to verify users’ identities and ages. This prevents underage gambling on its platform.

Available Self-Exclusion Options

It also provides self-exclusion options where users can voluntarily block themselves from the site for a set period. This helps users manage problem gambling behavior.

Ongoing Customer Education

Additionally, BetPro runs informational campaigns that educate customers on risks of problem gambling, odds of winning, and tips for safe play. This empowers customers to gamble responsibly.

Investing in Local Communities Worldwide

BetPro also invests extensively in the communities where it operates across nine countries.

Annual Volunteer Days

Its employees participate in annual volunteer days where they donate time and labor to local charities like food banks, youth programs, and eldercare facilities.

Workforce Development Initiatives

It also runs free IT and hospitality skills training bootcamps to create employment channels in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Matching Donations for Community Fundraisers

Additionally, BetPro matches donations for community fundraisers up to $50,000 annually per region. This amplifies fundraising efforts for local causes.

Looking Ahead: Goals for 2025 and Beyond

As part of its five-year CSR plan, BetPro is working towards even more ambitious sustainability targets.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

By 2025, BetPro aims to achieve complete carbon neutrality across its full value chain from raw materials to product end-of-life.

Zero Waste Facilities

It’s also working to eliminate waste sent to landfills by 2025 through extensive reduction, recycling and composting programs.

$5 Million Community Investment Fund

BetPro also plans to set up a $5 million community investment fund to finance initiatives like STEM education, food security, etc.


What standards does BetPro follow for responsible gambling?

BetPro follows guidelines set by the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct. This promotes safety policies, self-exclusion options, employee training, advertising ethics and more.

How does BetPro verify user age and identity during sign-ups?

BetPro uses a modular AI system integrated with manual review to match user-submitted ID documents to third-party verification databases. This validation must be completed before account creation.

Does BetPro have carbon offsets for its transportation emissions too?

Yes, BetPro’s carbon neutrality goal accounts for all direct and indirect emissions, including business travel. Its portfolio of offset projects is selected to align with sustainable development goals.

Where does BetPro source the renewable energy for its operations?

BetPro’s global facilities are powered by regionally-sourced solar, wind and hydropower through power purchase agreements and renewable energy credits. It only works with certified green energy suppliers.

What percentage of BetPro’s vendors are currently minority or women-owned businesses?

Currently 23% of BetPro’s Tier I and II suppliers are classified as minority/women-owned businesses. It aims to raise this to 35% by 2025 through its ethical sourcing programs.


In conclusion, BetPro exemplifies how gambling platforms can integrate social responsibility into their business ethos. By championing eco-friendly operations, responsible gambling, ethical sourcing, community growth and more, BetPro creates shared value for all stakeholders.

Its multifaceted initiatives deliver social impact while fueling sustainable business success. As BetPro works towards even more ambitious 2025 sustainability goals, its CSR commitment provides an inspirational model for the industry.

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