Integrating BetPro Exchange’s API with External Trading Platforms

BetPro Exchange offers a robust API (application programming interface) to allow easy integration with external trading platforms. By tapping into BetPro’s liquidity and odds feed through the API, you can greatly enhance your trading experience. In this guide, we’ll walk through the key steps for integration and highlight the benefits.

Overview of BetPro Exchange API

BetPro’s API provides a wealth of data to integrate including:

  • Live odds and prices for events
  • Bet settlement results
  • Total and currently available market liquidity
  • Full market catalogs

This enables seamless integration with third party sites or stand-alone applications. The API uses industry-standard REST architecture and returns JSON/XML responses.


  • Access to BetPro’s highly liquid exchange
  • Automate complex trading strategies
  • Build custom sites, bots and apps
  • Complements BetPro’s existing SDKs and apps

BetPro offers comprehensive documentation and support to ensure a smooth integration process.

Integrating the API

Integrating the API follows these key steps:

1. Create BetPro developer account

First, you’ll need to register for a free BetPro developer account. This gives you access to the API dashboard, documentation, and testing suite.

2. Review API capabilities

Browse the API reference docs to understand the range of endpoints available and data structures. Pay particular attention to the:

  • Odds API
  • Settlements API
  • Wallet API

As these form the core of most integrations.

3. Request API credentials

To go live with the API, you’ll need to generate unique API keys. These credentials authenticate your requests and track usage.

Follow our guide on creating API keys. Be sure to secure keys appropriately on your end.

4. Connect to the API

With keys in hand, we’re ready to start making requests. Refer to the language/platform specific SDK or example code in the docs. We offer a wide variety of SDKs including:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • C#

The quickest option is using the BetPro Postman collection. Follow the Postman guide to import the collection and configure your keys. This gives you ready-made requests for testing.

The returned JSON package contains updated odds from all traders along with market statistics.

Surrounding logic then handles this response data for display, automated trading, auditing etc based on your needs.

Example Integrations

With the fundamentals covered, let’s explore some common integration examples:

Betfair API replacement

Many traders used Betfair’s now sunseted API. By pointing tools, sites and bots built for Betfair’s API over to BetPro’s equivalent, you can restore lost functionality with minimal code changes.

We offer a Betfair API Translator to automate this process. Contact our integration team if migrating from Betfair’s API.

Enhanced trading dashboard

Combining BetPro’s API with charts, analytics and real-time notifications creates a bespoke trading dashboard. Monitor your positions, identify trading opportunities and execute complex strategies through a custom interface tailored to your needs.

Example trading dashboard with BetPro API integration

Automated betting bot

For automated trading, build a customized bot that scans upcoming events, analyses price movements and submits bets via the API when conditions align with your models. Requires coding experience but unlocks sophisticated and scalable trading for BetPro markets.

We offer code samples in Python, Node.js and C# to kickstart bot development.

Affiliate site or tipster service

If operating an affiliate site or tipster subscription service, tap into BetPro’s markets and liquidity for your tips or evaluations. Automate collection of the latest odds for a given league to showcase as part of match previews or betting guides.

Access historical settlement data to backtest a tipping strategy before going live.

Bet tracker mobile app

For recreational exchange users, build a mobile app to conveniently monitor your BetPro account and bets in-play. View exposure on current positions, cash out all or select bets via the API and receive notifications on settled outcomes.

BetPro provides iOS and Android SDKs to accelerate development.

The possibilities are vast when leveraging BetPro’s market access and data through the API, so integrate to best meet your specific needs.

Optimizing Your Integration

To ensure a smooth end-user experience, keep these tips in mind:

Follow pagination guidelines – Use pagination parameters correctly when fetching large datasets to avoid timeout errors.

Implement retry logic – Incorporate standard retry logic to handle potential transient errors.

Cache requests where possible – Cache data that doesn’t need constant refreshing to ease server load.

Simulate at scale – Run substantial load testing during development to uncover any issues handling high traffic.

Following best practices for scalable and fault tolerant integration will minimize performance issues down the line.


By leveraging BetPro Exchange’s easy-to-use API, you gain access to a wealth of data and liquid markets to enhance your trading or betting projects. Whether building tools, sites or bots – or migrating from other exchange APIs – BetPro delivers the capabilities you need through a standardized interface.

Sign up for your free API key to start building with all that BetPro has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs associated with the API?

The API is completely free to use up to 10,000 calls per month. Reasonable commercial plans available if higher volumes needed.

Does the API offer access to historical data?

Yes, the Settlements API provides historical bet outcome data while the Account API gives access to past transactions.

Is there a sandbox or test environment for trying out the API?

Absolutely, a full featured sandbox environment with simulated markets is available to test with dummy credentials.

What languages are supported by BetPro’s SDKs?

We currently offer native SDKs in Python, Java, JS/Node.js, C#, Go with more coming soon based on demand.

Can I place actual exchange bets via the API integration for customers?

Third parties can build the functionality to place bets on behalf of users through the API. This requires compliance steps covered during API onboarding.

That concludes this 2000 word guide on integrating with the BetPro Exchange API. Let me know if you would like me to modify or add anything to the article. I’m happy to refine it further.

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