Leveraging BetPro Exchange’s Advanced Market-Making Tools

BetPro Exchange offers sophisticated market-making tools to help liquidity providers effectively manage risk and maximize profits. With advanced features like automated pricing, one-click hedging, global risk monitoring, and more, BetPro empowers market makers to thrive in today’s complex betting markets.

Automated Pricing Algorithms React Faster Than Humans

Setting and adjusting odds requires splitting-second decisions as betting lines and market conditions shift. Even the most experienced traders struggle to react quickly enough. BetPro’s automated pricing algorithms can analyze data and reprice markets in milliseconds – far faster than humans. This enables market makers to keep spreads tight and odds competitive regardless of trading volumes or volatility.

The key benefits of automated pricing include:

  • Instant reaction to market moves, new information, or breaking news
  • Consistently competitive odds across thousands of markets
  • Precision tuning of spreads for optimal risk-reward
  • Freeing up time to focus on big-picture strategy

With pricing automation, BetPro customers gain a decisive competitive edge. They can quote vastly more markets while reducing their exposure to risk.

One-Click Hedging Simplifies Risk Management

Market makers face constant risk from player profits, adverse sports results, or other factors. Dynamic hedging is essential to balance exposures and lock in returns across outcomes. But speed is critical – late or missed hedging opportunities can rapidly lead to losses.

BetPro enables one-click hedging integrated directly into the pricing controls. With a single mouse click, traders can instantly bet back or lay off any given market to achieve their precise desired risk profile.

Key one-click hedging features include:

  • Instantly flatten any market with a single bet
  • Maintain exposures at the desired risk level
  • Customizable default stake sizes for quicker hedging
  • Detailed activity logs for full transparency

By simplifying the hedging process, BetPro allows market makers to reduce variance, operate more markets, and maximize long-term profitability.

Real-Time Risk Monitoring Across Global Markets

Modern betting spans an enormous range of sports, leagues, events, and bet types across dozens of jurisdictions. This makes tracking overall risk difficult. BetPro provides real-time aggregated risk monitoring and analytics covering traders’ global exposures.

With BetPro, market makers gain:

  • A unified cross-market risk dashboard
  • Automated exposure limit alerts
  • Tools to identify risk concentration
  • Automated periodic risk reports
  • Complete customization over risk rules

By centralizing a global view of risk, BetPro gives market makers early warnings to avoid dangerous risk spikes. Traders gain confidence scaling their operation while keeping variance firmly under control.

Level Up Your Trading Strategy With BetPro

BetPro Exchange provides market makers an integrated end-to-end platform for pricing, trading, risk management and reporting. Sophisticated tools like automated algorithms, one-click hedging, and cross-market risk analytics help liquidity providers reach the next level of efficiency, profitability, and scale.

The key benefits to customers include:

  • Faster pricing through automated algorithms
  • Simpler hedging through one-click exposure management
  • Targeted risk reduction from real-time aggregated data and alerts
  • Confidence to expand into more markets
  • Higher long-term profit margins via reduced volatility and variance

By leveraging BetPro’s advanced market-making capabilities, liquidity providers thrive in today’s demanding trading environment while unlocking tomorrow’s growth opportunities.


BetPro Exchange offers sophisticated tools tailored to the specific needs of professional market makers. Automated pricing, integrated hedging, and cross-market risk management capabilities reduce complexity and increase efficiency. By leveraging BetPro’s platform, liquidity providers can scale their operation, manage risk more effectively, and boost profitability over the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports and leagues does BetPro support?

BetPro offers pricing, trading, risk monitoring and reporting across dozens of sports from major leagues worldwide including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, NRL, AFL, and more.

Does BetPro integrate with other trading tools?

Yes, BetPro features an API allowing seamless integration with popular trading platforms like Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook and others both for pricing feeds and instant hedging.

Can traders customize automated pricing models?

Yes, BetPro offers full control over automated pricing algorithms. Traders can tweak models, define market-specific rules, set spreads, react to breaking news, and more to match their strategy.

What reporting does BetPro offer for risk analysis?

BetPro generates real-time risk monitoring dashboards as well as periodic exposure reports, profit and loss statements, exception alerts and more. All reporting is customizable and available via API, cloud storage, or email.

Does BetPro offer technical support 24/7?

Yes. BetPro understands market makers operate around the clock. We offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat along with access to an online knowledge base and community forum.

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