Mastering the Advanced Charting Tools of BetPro Exchange

BetPro Exchange features robust charting capabilities for analyzing markets and placing effective bets. While the basic charts are useful for casual betting, unlocking the advanced charting tools is key to taking your betting strategy to the next level. In this guide, we’ll explore these advanced features in-depth so you can trade like a pro.

Customizable Chart Types

BetPro Exchange offers seven chart types to match your analysis needs (line, candlestick, hollow candlestick, Heikin-Ashi, line break, kagi, point & figure). But the “Custom Charts” module is where the tool’s flexibility truly shines.

Custom Charts allows you to fully tailor your charts by choosing:

  • Price Display Type: Show price as bid, ask, or last traded
  • Tick Size: Set minimum price movement per bar
  • Volume Display: Toggle volume view or hide it
  • UP Color: Select color for up bars
  • DOWN Color: Pick another color for down bars

Experiment with settings to create charts optimized for your betting strategy. Custom combinations revealing market nuances you can exploit.

Indicators for Insight

Indicators transform raw price data into actionable trading signals. BetPro Exchange offers an expansive indicator library spanning trend, momentum, volatility, and volume categories.

But the platform also features an “Indicators” builder supporting advanced configuration and even importing custom formulas.

Key Indicator Features

  • 100+ Indicators: MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastics, ADX, and more
  • Combine Multiple Indicators: View 2+ indicators simultaneously
  • Custom Formulas: Code your own indicators in Pine Script
  • Adjust Inputs: Tweak indicator variables to fine-tune signals
  • Color Coded: Signals colored for easy interpretation

With so much flexibility, you can create an indicator toolbox perfectly matched to your betting style.

Unparalleled Drawing Tools

BetPro Exchange has hands-down the most extensive drawing tool collection of any betting platform. With over 60 options, the drawing tools support advanced chart analysis and trade planning.

Standout Drawing Features

  • 60+ Tools: Trendlines, channels, Fibonacci tools, shapes, and more
  • Unlimited Objects: No restrictions on number of objects
  • Fully Customizable: Adjust colors, styles, transparency as desired
  • Sync Drawings Across Charts: Keep analysis consistent

This high-powered drawing toolkit makes executing technical chart strategies easier than ever.

Saving Your Work

Crafting excellent charts, indicators, and drawings takes time. That’s why BetPro Exchange lets you save all custom configurations as templates, reducing future workload.

Streamline Analysis with Templates

  • Save Charts: Store chart types, colors, studies
  • Save Workspaces: Retain chart grid layouts
  • Indicator Templates: Save unique formulas and settings
  • Reuse Drawings: Store drawings to recreate visual patterns
  • Sync Templates Across Devices: Access saved templates anywhere

With such robust template management capabilities, you can accumulate an arsenal of charts fine-tuned to different markets and betting scenarios.

Executing Trades with Advanced Charts

Now that we’ve explored BetPro Exchange’s advanced charting functionality, how do you actually utilize these tools to improve betting outcomes?

Develop a Game Plan

Like any quality software, BetPro Exchange provides the functionality while you provide the vision. Before diving into market analysis:

  • Define Trading Style: Trend, mean reversion, scalping, etc.
  • Pick Markets: Which events interest you?
  • Learn Tools: Study educational resources to understand indicators and theories.

Approaching charts without a plan results in aimless betting. But the advanced tools become incredibly potent when wielded deliberately.

Spot & Test Opportunities

BetPro Exchange’s charting firepower arms you with insight into market conditions. You can rapidly develop and test trade ideas through features like:

  • Backtesting: Replay history to validate strategies
  • Paper Trading: Simulate live markets with fake money
  • 1-Click Trading: Execute instantly from chart
  • Bot Integration: Automate proven systems

Evaluating and acting on high probability setups is simple with these capabilities integrated alongside the advanced charts.

Create Your Own Edge

While knowledge of common indicators and patterns is useful, true advantage comes from finding unique opportunities.

BetPro Exchange provides the resources for you to analyze markets in your own specialized manner. Develop proprietary systems by:

  • Customizing standard indicators with uncommon settings
  • Coding unique quantitative formulas in Pine Script
  • Identifying price formations specific to a sport or league
  • Testing theories grounded in statistics or math

Mastering the platform’s versatility allows you to unlock alpha other traders will simply never see.

Best Practices for Chart Mastery

Refining your charting craft takes time and consistent effort. But implementing sound habits will accelerate your learning curve exponentially.

Chart Often

Analyzing diverse markets across various timeframes reveals subtle edge cases. Form daily review into your routine, assessing different sports and events. Compare real-time action to historical charts noting differences. Volume is key.

Catalog Insights

Exposure trains intuition. But journaling trains exactness. Catalog trade ideas and performance diligently. Link charts to register setups, record notions on market behavior, log wins and losses. Accurate statistics breed accountability and refinement.

Stay Curious

Markets evolve dynamically. Successful traders evolve faster. Adopt a tireless improvement mindset. Learn continuously: consume trading books, study other’s strategies, debate theory on forums. Let uncertainty fuel your curiosity rather than complacency. The learning journey never ends.

Commit to upholding these principles, and your charting expertise will strengthen inevitably over time.

FAQs on Mastering Charts

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions on getting the most from BetPro Exchange’s advanced charts:

What are the best chart types to use?

Candlestick and Heikin-Ashi charts best convey market texture. Add indicators on secondary charts utilizing line, mountain, or bar visualizations.

Should I clutter charts with lots of indicators?

Restraint breeds clarity. Limit charts to 2-3 indicators tops. Test validity of signals rigorously before incorporation.

Can I use custom indicators to automate trading?

Yes! Develop Pine Script formulas identifying opportune market conditions, then connect alerts to auto-execute your bets.

How can I share chart ideas or get feedback from others?

Our community forums enable traders to publish chart analysis and engage in constructive debates on theories and methods.

What resources are available for mastering advanced chart use?

Beyond our Help Center articles, BetPro Exchange hosts regular webinars exploring advanced chart strategies in depth. Sign up on our Events page.


BetPro Exchange provides savvy bettors the most extensive charting and analysis toolkit in the industry. While new traders rely on basic charts and indicators, developing fluency in the platform’s advanced functionality unlocks game-changing strategic potential.

We encourage you to challenge yourself to move beyond casual chart use. Take advantage of the multitude of customization options. Rigorously backtest ideas before trading live. But most importantly, form consistent habits to cement charting excellence over the long-haul.

The journey requires dedication, but mastery over BetPro Exchange charts helps you gain an informational edge that sellside traders simply cannot match.

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