Profitable Arbitrage Opportunities on BetPro Exchange: A Guide

Arbitrage betting involves exploiting differences in odds across bookmakers to guarantee risk-free profits. And the BetPro Exchange offers ample arbitrage chances for savvy bettors. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to spot and utilize profitable arbitrage opportunities on BetPro Exchange.

Understanding Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting locks in guaranteed profits by placing bets on all outcomes of an event. You take advantage of the variations in odds at different bookies.

For instance, Bookmaker A has 2.0 odds on Team A to win, while Bookmaker B has 2.5 odds on Team B. By calculating the right stake amounts and betting on both outcomes, you ensure a profit regardless of the result.

How Does Arbitrage Work on Betting Exchanges?

Betting exchanges like BetPro allow punters to set odds instead of bookmakers. You can back and lay outcomes, acting as both bookie and punter.

Backing is betting on an outcome to happen, while laying is betting against an outcome.

By backing and laying strategically, you create arbitrage situations guaranteeing profits.

Locating Profitable Arbitrage Bets on BetPro

Spotting arbs involves monitoring odds movements across markets. The key is identifying sufficient discrepancies in probabilities to guarantee profits.

Here are some tips:

Analyze Pre-Match Odds

Compare odds for upcoming fixtures across all markets to pinpoint arbs. Odds can differ based on expected lineups, injuries, and other factors.

Monitor Live Events

In-play odds shift rapidly. Watch for significant mismatches during live games to lock in arbs.

Use Arbitrage Betting Software

Purpose-built programs like Oddsmonkey scan odds and alert profitable arbs. This saves immense time versus manual monitoring.

Focus on Liquid Markets

Popular sports like football offer more arbitrage chances due to high liquidity and betting activity. Obscure markets lack sufficient volume.

Step-By-Step Process to Place an Arb Bet

Once you spot a potential arb, use this process to calculate and place bets:

1. Identify Back/Lay Odds Discrepancy

For instance, Back 2.2, Lay 2.0 odds on Team A.

2. Calculate Stakes for Guaranteed Profit

Use arbitrage calculators to determine optimal stakes.

3. Place Back Bet at Higher Odds

Put calculated stake on Team A at 2.2 odds.

4. Place Lay Bet at Lower Odds

Lay Team A at 2.0 with staked amount from calculations.

5. Wait for Outcome and Collect Profit!

Either bet will win, paying out the calculated profit regardless.

Maximizing Arbitrage Profits on BetPro

Use these pro tips to boost arb profits:

Seek Overround Opportunities

Overround refers to odds summing above 100%. This guarantees losing for bookies, allowing guaranteed player profits.

Specialize in Obscure Markets

Niche sports see fewer pro arbers hunting arbs. You’ll face less competition for identified opportunities.

Act Quickly Before Odds Shift

Odds can change rapidly. Speed is critical when executing arbs. Automate where possible.

Don’t Chase Super-High % Returns

Locking in many smaller arbs is better than missing bigger ones. Aim for 3-5% profits per arb.

Pros & Cons of Arb Betting

Before getting started, weigh the following:


  • Guaranteed profits
  • Minimal risk
  • Can be highly lucrative


  • Requires extensive monitoring
  • Odds can shift quickly
  • Accounts risk limitation for overuse

For many, the effort needed to capitalize on arbs pays dividends in risk-free income.


In summary, arbitrage opportunities definitely exist on BetPro Exchange. By keeping a close eye on shifting odds across markets and using arbitrage calculators, bettors can lock in consistent profits. This guide has equipped you with what you need to excel at arbitrage betting. Just stay patient monitoring odds, act quickly on discrepancies, start small to master execution, and scale up profits over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best arbitrage betting software?

Oddsmonkey and Rebel Betting rank as the top arbitrage and matched betting programs currently available.

Is arbitrage betting legal?

In most jurisdictions, arbitrage betting falls within a legal grey area. It is seen as winnings from discrepancies versus manipulation.

Can you make a living from arbitrage betting?

For diligent bettors who master the process, arbitrage absolutely offers the potential to earn a lucrative full-time income

How much starting capital do you need?

Expect to need at least $1,000 to give arbitrage betting a chance at being profitable after covering losses from missing arbs early on.

How quickly can accounts get limited?

Many bookies restrict or ban arbitrage betters. Maintain accounts at 20+ sites, limit use of each, and prolong your ability to arb there.

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