The Ins and Outs of BetPro Exchange’s Advanced Trading Interface

BetPro Exchange recently launched an advanced trading interface for active investors looking to take their skills to the next level. This new interface provides professional-grade tools for executing complex strategies across BetPro’s global markets.

Streamlined Navigation and Customization

The advanced interface allows traders to easily navigate between markets, create customizable workspaces, and manage trading activities.

User-Defined Workspaces

Traders can open multiple tabs and windows to monitor markets of interest. Tabs can be detached to create a customized multi-monitor workspace.

Market Scanner and Watchlists

The market scanner lets traders search and filter thousands of markets by criteria like volume, price change, recent news events and more to identify new trading opportunities. Customizable watchlists make it easy to track favorites.

Fast Market Switching

Traders can swiftly switch between markets they have open without losing sight of activity. Color-coded profit and loss markers on each market tab make it easy to monitor performance.

Advanced Charting and Analysis

The new interface equips traders with professional-grade tools for analyzing market data and executing precision trades.

Customizable Charts

Flexible charting options allow traders to overlay technical indicators, draw trendlines, and conduct comparative analysis across markets.

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Level II (Market Depth)

Level II quotes provide live visibility into the order book to help traders identify support, resistance and market momentum.

Time and Sales

The time and sales tape shows current trade activity in real-time down to the second, for understanding upticks and downticks in price action.

Sophisticated Order Types

BetPro’s advanced trading interface supports over a dozen order types to allow flexible execution under various market conditions.

Stop and Stop Limit Orders

Stop orders become market orders when a defined trigger price is reached, allowing traders to automatically close out positions.

Algorithmic Orders

Algorithmic orders like TWAP and VWAP can mechanically execute larger orders with minimal market impact.

Options Trading

The platform enables options trading with support for strategies like covered calls, protective puts, straddles, strangles and more.

Powerful Automation Capabilities

The advanced interface allows traders to streamline their workflow through automation.

Alerts and Notifications

Customizable alerts notify traders via desktop, email or SMS when key technical levels are reached or significant events occur.


Automated trading systems can monitor markets, generate signals and automatically execute trades on a trader’s behalf.

API Access

BetPro provides API access for connecting the platform with third-party applications and building custom trading solutions.

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Robust Risk Management Tools

Risk management is imperative for trading longevity. BetPro Equip traders with controls to manage risk.

Customizable Position Size Calcs

Quickly calculate appropriate position sizes based on account size and risk tolerance per trade. Modify risk inputs on the fly.

Risk Limits and Stops

Predefine exposure limits for maximum capital at risk, loss limits for closing positions, and stop orders for automatic enforcement.


Evaluate the historical performance of trading strategies by backtesting against historical data before risking capital.

Extensive Trading Education and Support

BetPro aims to level up every trader through education and support.

BetPro Academy

Free courses on technical analysis, platform tutorials, risk management fundamentals, plus weekly webinars from expert traders.

Trading Coach Consultations

Book time with a personal trading coach to analyze your trading performance and work on development areas.

Daily Market Analysis Emails

Subscriber to daily email commentary from BetPro analysts for pre-market prep and ideas.

Active Community Forums

Connect with thousands of skilled BetPro members in our community forums to exchange ideas.


BetPro Exchange has committed to delivering the most advanced trading tools available while simultaneously working to elevate trader skills for long term success through exceptional education and support.

The new advanced trading interface demonstrates BetPro’s continued innovative leadership in the industry. Traders now have access to sophisticated tools once exclusive to institutional investors paired with robust risk controls to trade markets confidently.

Ultimately, success boils down to the trader behind the tools. BetPro endeavors to work side by side with members to unlock their potential on their journey toward mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements to access the advanced trading interface?

The advanced trading interface is web-based and optimized for Google Chrome. Requires high-speed internet connection above 10 mbps.

How much does it cost to access the advanced interface features?

The advanced interface comes standard for Diamond tier members which starts at $29.99 monthly subscription fee.

Can I use the advanced interface on mobile?

An iOS mobile app supporting advanced features is slated for Q1 2024. Android to follow in Q2 2024. For now, advanced trading capabilities are restricted to web platform.

What level of trader experience is recommended?

Novice traders can certainly explore the platform’s capabilities in demo mode. Ideal user is intermediate level + with 1+ years of active trading experience. Consider working with a BetPro coach if new to advanced concepts.

Is technical support included?

Yes. BetPro provides 24/7 technical support via online ticketing, email and phone support for advanced interface users. Video tutorials provided in BetPro Academy as well.

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