Understanding BetPro Exchange’s Security Token Offerings (STOs)

BetPro Exchange recently announced plans to offer Security Token Offerings (STOs) as an alternative way for investors to fund innovation and entrepreneurs. As interest grows around this new fundraising model, it can get confusing to understand exactly how STOs work and if they are right for your investments. This guide breaks down the key things you need to know about BetPro Exchange’s STO offerings.

What are Security Token Offerings (STOs)?

STOs are a new form of fundraising similar to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) but with an important distinction – STOs are asset-backed and comply with securities regulations. Simply put, a security token represents legal ownership of an underlying real-world asset such as company stock, real estate, or investment funds. This is different from utility tokens offered during an ICO that may only provide access to a product or service.

How do STOs differ from ICOs?

While ICOs and STOs share similarities as emerging fundraising models that issue tokens to investors, STOs have key advantages:

Compliance with Regulations

STO issuers must comply with global securities regulations, leading to a more transparent and trustworthy offering. BetPro Exchange’s STO platform is fully compliant under these regulatory frameworks.

Asset-Backed Investments

As mentioned earlier, STOs represent legal ownership in a real-world asset that backs the security token. This reduces risk compared to utility tokens that may have no inherent value.

Improved Inveator Confidence

Between compliance standards and asset-backing, STOs inspire more investor confidence in the space leading to wider mainstream adoption.

Why Launch a Security Token Offering (STO)?

For high-growth startups and entrepreneurs, STOs create new opportunities to raise capital from investors globally. Here are some benefits to running an STO:

Access New Sources of Global Capital

STOs open up fundraising potential from accredited investors worldwide in a more streamlined manner aided by blockchain technology with embedded compliance rules. This capital can fuel cutting edge innovation.

Increased Liquidity

Unlike traditional private investment, security tokens can add liquidity through more simplified trading on regulated security token exchanges over time.

Improved Investor Relations

The transparency requirements around STOs often lead to improved communications between token issuers and their investor base through company updates on assets and usage of funds.

Innovation Options

From smart contracts to cap table and voting management, security token platforms allow for easier adoption of next-gen fintech not as accessible via traditional finance models.

BetPro Exchange’s STO Standards

As a leading security token exchange, BetPro upholds “gold standards” to ensure only high-quality STO projects that protect investor interests get launched on our platform:

Rigorous Listing Standards

Our listing committee thoroughly vets each STO project including checks on background of founding team, financial health, verified assets, and more before approving a token offering listing.

Ongoing Reporting

We contractually bind STO issuers to provide regular progress reports to investors on company traction, asset valuations, and any material events throughout the STO project lifecycle.

AML and KYC Compliance

All investor & issuer participants on our exchange must clear anti-money laundering and know-your-customer checks in a smooth onboarding process integrated with blockchain analytics tools.

Insurance Protection

Qualified STOs listed on our exchange can opt to take advantage of our industry-leading issuer protection insurance to cover investor risks up to a limit in case of funding diversion by founders.

Launching an STO on BetPro Exchange

Our end-to-end tokenized fundraising platform makes launching a trusted, compliant STO possible in just a few steps:

Application & Vetting

Interested companies can apply for an STO through our website. Our team vets submissions based on merit and audits if standards are met before issuing approval.

Token Creation

Once greenlit, our tokenization dashboard allows you to seamlessly create ERC-20 standard digital securities backed by your assets and manage investor permissions.

Investor Onboarding

We simplify the investor verification process including KYC checks before whitelisting accredited investors to participate in your security token sale.

Raise Capital & Beyond

You can conveniently manage and close your fundraising round on our primary issuance platform integrated with exchange functionality for efficient secondary trading. Real-time cap table analytics provide insights into token ownership distribution – preparing you for the growth journey beyond the STO!

Over $350 million has already been raised through STO projects on BetPro Exchange as more mainstream investors direct capital into offerings they can trust. For entrepreneurs, we open up an innovative path to raise growth capital in a regulated ecosystem.


As traditional VCs and angel investors retrench amid a weakening global economy, security token offerings (STOs) drive the next wave of fundraising innovation. STOs create more compliant, trusted opportunities for high-potential companies to access growth capital while letting mainstream investors allocate funds into an emerging digital asset class.

BetPro Exchange connects this ecosystem through gold standard security token offerings coupled with our integrated issuance and trading platform. For both entrepreneurs and investors, we simplify benefiting from blockchain-enabled capital raising Protecting stakeholder interests is core to our mission while pushing digital finance innovation.

The road ahead points to rapid acceleration in security token adoption as seen in 2022. Together with a booming crypto industry, expect over $30 billion raised through STOs globally by 2025 – led by market infrastructure pioneers such as BetPro Exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What assets can underly a security token?

Many assets can be tokenized including company equity, real estate, investment funds, commodities, debt instruments, derivatives, and more. The key is having a real-world asset that tokens legally represent ownership in.

What blockchain standards do STOs follow?

Most STO platforms issue tokens following the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum for easy integration with exchanges and wallets. Other blockchains like Stellar, Tezos and Polygon also support security token creation.

How do investors purchase security tokens?

Accredited investors that clear KYC can purchase tokens directly from issuers during initial offerings or later from exchanges that list the tokens if approved for trading. Payment options include both fiat money and major cryptocurrencies.

What jurisdictions legally recognize STOs?

The US SEC, UK FCA, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Gibraltar FSC and Switzerland FINMA are examples of major jurisdictions with clarified definitions and updated guidance around STO fundraising models.

Do investors gain ownership rights from owning security tokens?

Yes – security token holders enjoy various rights based on the asset type including equity voting, dividends, profit-sharing, operational transparency, and more as contractually encoded in the tokens.

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