A Guide to Leverage Trading: Advanced Features on BetPro Exchange

Leverage trading allows traders to open much larger positions than they could using only their own capital. Essentially, leverage provides traders with increased buying power and greater profit potential. However, leverage also brings additional risks if used improperly. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the more advanced features offered on the popular BetPro Exchange platform to help you make the most of leverage trading.

Understanding Leverage and Margin

Before diving into the advanced features, it’s important to review some key terminology and core concepts around leverage trading:

What is Leverage?

  • Leverage refers to the ratio of the total value of an opened position compared to the amount deposited by the trader
  • Allows traders to control much larger positions than they could using only their own capital
  • Provides greater profit potential but also greater risk

What is Margin?

  • Margin acts as collateral for the leveraged position to remain open
  • If account equity falls below margin requirements, positions may be liquidated
  • Maintaining adequate margin levels is crucial when leverage trading

With the basics covered, let’s explore some of the more powerful functionality offered on BetPro Exchange.

Advanced Order Types

BetPro Exchange offers several advanced order types to help traders implement strategic trades. Orders are instructions on how and when to enter or exit positions. Advanced orders provide additional flexibility and requirements.

Trailing Stop Loss

  • Automatically adjust stop loss level as price fluctuates favorably
  • Locks in profits as underlying price moves
  • Minimizes losses if reversal occurs

Guaranteed Stop Loss Order

  • Forces stop loss at specified price level no matter volatility
  • Requires premium charge deducted from trading account
  • Eliminates slippage risk on exit

Entry Limit Order

  • Initiates trade only once price reaches target entry level
  • Used to time and optimize entry points
  • Prevents premature entry at less favorable prices

Learning to leverage BetPro’s advanced orders can help traders better manage risks and plan entries and exits.

Risk Management Tools

Controlling risk is critical when using leverage. BetPro Exchange offers robust features to limit downside.

Custom Leverage by Instrument

  • Specify leverage from 1:1 up to 1:100 on per instrument basis
  • Allows customization of leverage to align with strategy and risk for each market

Real-time Margin Monitoring

  • Dashboard displays margin usage, requirements, and free margin
  • Alerts notify traders when certain threshold breached

Negative Balance Protection

  • Guarantees trader losses cannot exceed deposits
  • Provides account protection even during extreme volatility

Applying BetPro’s risk parameters appropriately creates a safer environment to utilize leverage.

Automated Trading Bots

For advanced traders, BetPro allows integration with trading algorithms and bots to systematically leverage positions.

API Integration

  • Allows trading bots written in Python, C#, Java, R, and more
  • Automates technical analysis and strategy execution
  • Can scan for opportunities and implement leveraged trades automatically

Strategy Building & Backtesting

  • Develop, test, and refine strategies with historical data
  • Optimize signals and fine-tune performance
  • Backtest over many years of historical market data

Automated bots expand possibilities to programmatically place leveraged trades based on technical inputs.

Copy Trading

For traders looking to leverage others’ expertise, BetPro facilitates copy trading.

Screen & Select Traders

  • Review statistics and track record of top traders on the platform
  • Follow those demonstrating strong returns over time

Copy Positions

  • Automatically copies positions opened by selected traders
  • Proportionally mimics leveraged trades placed by experienced investors

Customize Parameters

  • Adjust copy trading amounts to reflect risk tolerance
  • Option to stop copying trader when drawdown limits reached

Copy trading broadcasts proven leverage trading strategies to your portfolio.

Trading on Margin: Key Takeaways

  • Leverage provides greater profit potential but also greater downside risk
  • Utilize advanced orders to optimize entries and manage risks
  • Strictly adhere to margin requirements to avoid liquidations
  • Consider automating strategies to systematically trade positions
  • Copy trading transfers skills of top performers to your account

The powerful functionality covered throughout this guide enables seasoned traders to amplify profits and manage risks when margin trading on BetPro Exchange.


Leverage allows experienced investors meaningful advantages in accessing greater returns. But utilized improperly, leverage can also accelerate losses. By combining robust risk parameters with strategic entries, exits, and automation, traders can bet bigger while limiting their downside.

BetPro Exchange provides an advanced feature suite for monitoring margin, implementing customized orders, developing systematic bots, and copying proven traders. Applying these tools and adhering strictly to sound risk management principles allows traders of all skill levels to boost their betting outcomes.

While leverage presents risks, it also unlocks a world of potential profits for disciplined traders. We encourage you to responsibly test these powerful features on the BetPro Exchange platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum leverage allowed on BetPro Exchange?

The maximum leverage offered varies depending on the instrument. Generally, BetPro allows leverage up to 1:100, meaning a $1,000 deposit can control a $100,000 position. However, leverage on certain volatile indices may be capped at 1:50 or 1:30. Always verify specific leverage rates for the product you wish to trade.

Does BetPro Exchange offer demo trading accounts?

Yes, BetPro provides virtual demo accounts allowing prospective clients to experience the platform’s functionality using simulated trading funds. The demo environment mirrors the live markets and provides an opportunity to preview order types, practice with leverage, and test strategies risk-free.

What order types does BetPro support?

BetPro Exchange offers market, limit, stop, and advanced orders like trailing stops, entry limits, and guaranteed stops. Different order types allow traders flexibility in executing strategic trades per their account objectives, market conditions, and risk parameters.

Can I automatically copy trades from multiple traders at once?

Yes. Through BetPro’s copy trading feature, clients have Multichart functionality allowing them to copy positions from up to five different traders simultaneously. You control sizing per trader based on your account balance and risk limits.

If I utilize automated trading bots, can I still intervene manually?

Definitely. If you automate any processes by connecting trading algorithms or bots, you still retain full manual control to execute additional ad hoc trades, override bot positions, adjust system parameters, or disable automatic trading. Bots serve to augment, not replace, manual trading.

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