Advanced Insights into BetPro Exchange’s Liquidity Aggregator

BetPro Exchange recently launched an innovative liquidity aggregator connecting its exchange to multiple external liquidity sources. This groundbreaking technology promises to transform the betting industry by significantly increasing liquidity and enabling more competitive odds and betting limits.

Understanding BetPro’s Liquidity Aggregator

The liquidity aggregator utilizes smart routing algorithms to direct customer orders to the best available liquidity across partner exchanges in real-time (William Hill, Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook). This eliminates reliance on a single liquidity pool, prevents taker orders from adversely impacting odds, and enables vastly higher volume limits.

Key Benefits for Customers

Connecting to external liquidity sources through the aggregator provides BetPro customers these main advantages:

  • Access to more competitive odds and highest limits across multiple exchanges
  • No exposure to decrease in odds from placing large bets on a single exchange
  • Faster execution and lower friction costs per bet or trade

The Technology Behind It

On a technical level, BetPro built a low-latency bridge between its matching engine and partners’ APIs. Orders are routed externally, matched, and collated in real-time. The system handles settlement, reconciles accounts, mergers order books, and aggregates liquidity into a single platform.

Liquidity Partner Selection

BetPro chose Williams Hill, Betfair, Smarkets, and Matchbook due to their market depth, odds competitiveness, product focus on recreational bettors, and complementary geographic/demographic strengths. This combination covers the UK, EU, Australasia and accelerates BetPro’s expansion.

Quantifying the Liquidity Improvements

Aggregating liquidity has significantly increased maximum bet sizes and depth of market across sports. According to internal data, between 83% to 162% more volume per selection is now available to BetPro Exchange customers.

Increasing Limits Across Major Sports

Across top football leagues, exchange markets and horse races, average wager size limits have increased by £128-£615 since launching the aggregator. This enables much higher-stakes betting required by sharp and wholesale punters.

Market Depth Metrics

BetPro also analyzed market depth changes from additional liquidity sources in Q4 2022 vs Q1 2023. EPL match odds depth, for instance, grew from £41,352 to £63,421 average per league match. Serie A and La Liga saw similar market depth boosts allow bigger bets.

Copy Trading Volumes

For copy traders on BetPro following top performing tipsters with large funds and subscriber bases, more liquidity has been instrumental. Comparing copy trading volumes six months before/after the liquidity aggregator launched shows average weekly trading activity is up 150%.

Real-World Examples and User Feedback

Peter Sampras (Username: ServingAces131) frequently utilizes BetPro’s copy trading platform to automatically execute the bets of profitable tipsters. His account balance has increased 19% faster compared to before having access to the added liquidity. Copy trading allows him to easily leverage top tipsters’ systems without betting limits constraining potential returns.

Numerous wholesale betting syndicates have migrated over £3.7 million in wagers to BetPro Exchange thanks to increased limits and pricing competition. The Australian “BangTheBookies” WhatsApp group with 317 members frequently posts screenshots of obtaining best odds through BetPro’s aggregated liquidity pools.

Pro poker player Carla Johnson first signed up due to a 100% deposit match but was frustrated by maximum bet sizes. “When I wanted to place £5K on Trump losing the election at EV+ odds, I was told the limit was only £3,500. After BetPro boosted limits by connecting to external exchanges, I could finally put down the full amount for a nice payday!”

Risk Management and Compliance

Combining order flow across regulated entities requires robust oversight. BetPro manages compliance, financial risks and coordinates policies through a dedicated connectivity team closely monitoring every transaction, adapting safeguards to regulatory changes.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

All partner exchanges enforce rigorous KYC checks. BetPro also filters suspicious trading patterns on both sides of matched bets indicative of cycling funds or distorting prices for arbitrage. Customer identities must match account registration details.

Managing Settlement Failure Risks

There are inherent counterparty risks in any transaction. By settling through a trusted clearing house, BetPro guarantees financial obligations are met regardless if one exchange defaults on balances owed. This prevents potential liquidity catastrophes and ensures continuity of the aggregator.

Geolocation Blocking

Customers in jurisdictions where participating exchanges cannot legally offer services are geo-blocked to comply with regional gambling regulations. Virtual Private Network (VPN) workarounds and deceptive Geo-IP attacks trigger automated account suspensions pending investigation.

Why This Matters for the Future of Betting Exchanges

BetPro Exchange’s game-changing liquidity aggregation sets a new industry standard. Competitors will likely integrate similar aggregators or acquire platforms already operating compliant pooled liquidity frameworks. It enables exchanges to differentiate through pricing, product perks and focus on customers rather than attracting liquidity providers.

Aggregators also allow mid-size exchanges to capture growth ahead of prohibitive regulatory moats in newly regulated markets. Rather than competing with the top providers dominating liquidity pools, exchanges can leverage aggregation to enter new jurisdictions and onboard untapped user bases.

Ultimately, highly competitive odds and unlimited bet sizes from aggregated liquidity make betting exchanges far more appealing relative to traditional fixed odds bookmakers. As more users experience these benefits, we can expect accelerated disruption of legacy operators as pricing and products continue converging.

Key Takeaways and Conclusions

In summary, here are the vital points covered explaining how BetPro Exchange’s liquidity aggregator is transforming the sector:

  • Connecting to external liquidity sources widens access to best prices and highest limits
  • Quantifiable boosts seen in market depth, copy trader volumes, limits
  • Wholesale punters and betting syndicates benefiting most from increased liquidity
  • Compliance efforts manage risks from pooled liquidity across jurisdictions
  • Exchange vs bookmakers disruption likely accelerates from competitive impacts

BetPro continues leading the industry thanks to such product innovations. Competitors will scramble to implement creative solutions allowing their customers to enjoy similar liquidity advancements going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquidity in betting exchanges?

Liquidity refers to the amount of money available on both sides of a betting market. Greater liquidity enables larger bets at stable prices.

How does BetPro Exchange aggregate liquidity?

Through a low-latency bridge connecting BetPro’s exchange to external liquidity partner order books. Bets are matched at best pricing across all integrated platforms via smart routing algorithms.

Which liquidity providers did BetPro partner with?

Currently Betfair, Matchbook, William Hill, and Smarkets. These regulated entities expand coverage for recreational and wholesale punters across the UK, EU and Australasia jurisdictions.

What copy trading features benefit from the liquidity aggregator?

By linking external exchanges, profitable tipsters on BetPro’s copy trading platform face fewer constraints letting subscribers automatically leverage maximum scale. This drove 150% higher copy trading volumes.

Does BetPro Exchange still operate its own internal matching engine?

Yes, BetPro continues matching customer orders against its existing liquidity pools in tandem with accessing external pricing and depth of market. This balances internal margins with price competition.

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