Advanced Options Spreads: Boosting Profits on BetPro Exchange

Options trading offers savvy investors numerous strategic advantages. However, simply buying calls or puts limits profit potential. Implementing multi-leg options spreads unlocks exponential returns while defining and minimizing risks. On BetPro Exchange, advanced options spreads take advantage of high-volume underlying assets and increased volatility.

Understanding Options Spreads

Before diving into complex options spread strategies, traders should comprehend basic spreads. Spreads involve simultaneously buying and selling multiple options contracts to create a combined position. Traders utilize various spreads to speculate on volatility or mitigate risks.

The most common types of spreads include:

Vertical Spreads

  • Involve options with different strike prices but the same expiration date.
  • Enables traders to hedge other positions or speculate on price movement.
  • Examples are bull call spreads and bear put spreads.

Calendar Spreads

  • Utilize options with the same strike price but different expiration dates.
  • Allow traders to capitalize on anticipated changes in volatility.
  • Examples are horizontal and diagonal calendar spreads.

Ratio Spreads

  • Comprise unmatched numbers of long and short contracts.
  • Traders implement them to express a directional bias cost-effectively.
  • Examples are call ratio backspreads and put ratio spreads.

Why Trade Spreads on BetPro?

BetPro Exchange stands out from other options platforms due to its:

High Volume

  • Trades over $6 billion in options daily.
  • Exceptional liquidity across all contracts.
  • Tighter spreads between bid-ask prices.

Competitive Commissions

  • Ultra-low $0.15 per contract pricing.
  • No exercise or assignment fees.
  • Volume discounts available.

Robust Trading Infrastructure

  • Cutting-edge match engine handles over 1 million messages per second.
  • Redundant disaster recovery data centers ensure 99.99% uptime.
  • Leading cybersecurity and compliance protocols.

This combination of advantages makes BetPro the perfect place to trade advanced options spreads.

Choosing the Right Strategy

Myriad advanced options spreads exist, each with innate strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right one involves assessing:

Market Bias

  • Directional versus non-directional strategies.
  • Bullish, bearish, or neutral positioning.

Risk appetite

  • Capped loss versus uncapped loss scenarios.
  • Margin requirements and probability of profit.

Profit potential

  • Income generation or exponential returns.
  • Target underlying volatility range.

Position complexity

  • Number of legs and order entry requirements.
  • Ease of management and closing trades.

With so many moving parts, traders should backtest strategies before deploying capital.

Top 5 Advanced Spreads for BetPro

After extensive evaluation, these five options spreads consistently maximize profits within BetPro Exchange’s options ecosystem:

1. Jade Lizard Spread

  • Bullish alternative to covered calls for stocks expecting a slight rise in volatility.
  • Comprises long stock, short out-of-the-money call, and long out-of-the-money put.
  • Achieves similar profit as covered call, but with defined downside risk.

2. Box Spread

  • Capitalizes on differences between synthetic positions and corresponding underlying assets.
  • Combines long and short calls and puts at the same strike price.
  • Practically arbitrage-free way to lock in discreet profits.

3. Iron Condor

  • The most popular neutral options strategy on BetPro Exchange.
  • Profits from low volatility by selling an out-of-the-money call vertical spread and put vertical spread.
  • Defines maximum profit and risk parameters across four options legs.

4. Diagonal Call Calendar Spread

  • Allows bullish traders to implement directional and non-directional positions simultaneously.
  • Comprises a near-dated short call and longer-dated long call at different strikes.
  • Benefits from time decay on short call while achieving upside from long call.

5. Put Ratio Backspread

  • One of the most reliably profitable advanced put spreads.
  • Implements additional long puts to finance extra short puts at a lower adjacent strike.
  • Maximizes profits in high IV environments with large down moves in underlying.

These five spreads serve as an excellent starting point. Experiment with other advanced strategies once you grasp the core concepts.

Optimizing Spreads on BetPro

Beyond choosing the right spread, effectively implementing advanced options strategies on BetPro Exchange requires:

###Pinpoint Strike Selection

  • Analyze volatility charts to target specific price ranges.
  • Adjust strikes based on support, resistance, and momentum indicators.

Meticulous Timing

  • Monitor events impacting underlying price action like earnings.
  • Be patient for ideal volatility and liquidity conditions to enter.

Disciplined Management

  • Define adjustments and rolls to transform losers into winners.
  • Set profit targets and stop losses before placing trades.
  • Close spreads as a unit to avoid leg risk slippage.

Through refinement and repetition, traders can consistently execute advanced options spreads successfully.


Options spreads enable traders to tailor strategies targeting specific bullish, bearish, neutral, directional, and non-directional scenarios. While beginners traditionally stick with basic vertical spreads, advanced options spreads unlock exponential profit potential while defining risk.

Traders utilize calendar spreads, ratio spreads, lizards, condors, butterflies, and more to capitalize on high volatility. When layered atop BetPro Exchange’s liquidity and infrastructure, these advanced strategies offer expert options traders endless profit possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of trading options spreads instead of single options contracts?

Trading options spreads rather than individual options contracts allows traders to precisely define maximum risks and rewards within a strategy while mitigating the impacts of time decay and volatility. Spreads also enable taking more nuanced views on market direction.

What criteria should traders evaluate when selecting advanced options spreads?

The most essential aspects to evaluate are the spread’s market bias, risk parameters, profit generating capabilities, position complexity, and expectations for future volatility. Comparing these factors allows traders to align each spread with their personal trading style, risk appetite, and predictive skills.

How can traders enhance performance trading advanced options spreads on BetPro Exchange?

Optimizing advanced spreads on BetPro Exchange requires perfecting strike selection using volatility and technical analysis, meticulously monitoring timing based on approaching events, and disciplined adjustments and profit taking based on pre-defined parameters. Mastering these areas ensures consistent execution.

What resources do you recommend for mastering advanced options strategies?

I recommend studying educational materials on platforms like Option Alpha, Project Option, The Options Guide, and Options Playbook. I also suggest paper trading different advanced spreads using BetPro’s sophisticated simulators until traders feel confident implementing them with real capital.

What final advice would you offer for trading advanced spreads profitably over the long-term?

My key advice is to match spread selection with personal strengths in assessing volatility, avoid overcomplicating your overall options trading approach, give spreads time to work as planned, and always adhere to intelligent position sizing and risk management no matter how enticing the profit potential appears.

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