Cryptocurrency Basket Trading: Advanced Techniques on BetPro Exchange

Basket trading, also known as portfolio trading, allows cryptocurrency traders to buy and sell a collection of digital assets in one transaction. This strategy offers simplicity and diversity to one’s portfolio. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore advanced basket trading techniques specifically for the BetPro Exchange platform.

What is Basket Trading?

What is Basket Trading?

Basket trading refers to the practice of bundled buying or selling a group of cryptocurrencies as one entity, known as a “basket”. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios efficiently compared to trading tokens individually.

On exchanges like BetPro that support this feature, baskets have their own unique ticker symbols to identify them. Traders can customize and save baskets to rebalance their portfolio according to market conditions.

Key Benefits of Basket Trading

Key Benefits of Basket Trading

Here are some major advantages of using basket trades:


Making one basket transaction is easier than executing multiple trades. This saves time and effort for traders.


Baskets allow you to gain exposure to several crypto assets instantly. This mitigates risk compared to buying just one volatile token.


You can include your desired mix of coins and tokens based on investment goals. Baskets can also be edited later as needed.


As market caps shift, rebalancing the basket keeps your portfolio allocation on target.

Advanced Basket Trading Techniques

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s explore some advanced tactics using BetPro’s robust basket trading features.

Advanced Basket Trading Techniques


Dollar-Cost Averaging Baskets

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) involves making scheduled, fixed-amount purchases to reduce exposure to volatility. DCA baskets automate this process across various coins. For example, you can set up a $500 weekly DCA basket buy consisting of 50% BTC, 30% ETH, and 20% SOL. This strategy helps avoid overpaying as you build positions over time.

Rotational Trading Baskets

This tactic involves switching basket assets periodically based on performance. For instance, a basket may start as 70% large caps and 30% small caps. If the small caps outperform in a bull run, you can rotate and increase their allocation to 60% for greater exposure.

Algorithmic Trading Baskets

For advanced traders, BetPro allows API-powered algorithmic basket trading. By crafting custom formulas that rebalance holdings automatically, complex strategies can be executed 24/7 hands-free. You can backtest baskets through years of price data before running live algorithms. Coded indicators determining rotations can lead to significant returns.

Hedging Baskets

While most baskets focus on buying tokens with upside potential, hedging baskets also contain assets that may rise when others fall to offset losses. These could include stablecoins, inverse tokens, short tokens, or put options. When market uncertainty rises, hedging baskets provide portfolios with downside protection and mitigate crashes better than simply selling to cash. Best Practices for Basket Trading on BetPro

Best Practices for Basket Trading on BetPro

Now let’s outline some top tips for effectively utilizing BetPro’s basket trading tools:

Research Thoroughly Before Selecting Components

Carefully vet each coin using factors like technology, team, community traction and real-world use cases. Don’t just chase trends or hype. Stay objective to build high-quality baskets.

Determine Investment Goals and Time Frames

Are you seeking long-term growth or short-term profits? Different goals demand different allocations and rebalancing schedules. Define this before creating baskets.

Monitor Overall Market Conditions

Keep an eye on macro forces that may impact the crypto market when making major basket changes. Is Bitcoin consolidating or plunging? Did the Fed just hike rates? Don’t trade blind.

Use Stop Losses

While baskets reduce volatility compared to individual assets, significant downturns can still happen. Utilize stop losses to exit positions automatically if a major crash occurs.

Review and Rebalance Periodically

As projects evolve at different paces, your allocations may get skewed. Stick to a schedule of reviewing and rebalancing basket composition to stay optimized.


In closing, cryptocurrency basket trading provides traders with a simpler yet more robust portfolio management experience. By consolidating buys and sells across various assets into single transactions, baskets offer efficient diversity.

BetPro Exchange provides advanced tools for building automated, dynamic baskets using dollar-cost averaging, rotations, algorithms and hedging. Implement best practices like thorough research, goal-setting, risk management and consistent reviews to maximize results.

The simplified, diversified nature of basket trades makes them appealing for beginners, while their customizability also caters to advanced quantitative traders. Overall, basket trading deserves a spot in every crypto investor’s portfolio strategy.



What are the fees on basket trades?

Instead of paying trading fees on each individual token, baskets have one consolidated fee based on total value. This reduces overall costs.

Can I combine leveraged and non-leveraged coins in one basket?

No, BetPro only allows either all leveraged or all non-leveraged assets in a single basket to prevent complication.

Is there a limit on how many coins can be bundled in one basket?

On BetPro, baskets can contain anywhere from 2 to 25 different assets, providing diverse options for portfolio management.

Can other traders copy or invest in my custom baskets?

Yes, once built you can choose to publicly share basket configurations and handle performance. Other users can duplicate and trade them.

How much funds do I need to get started with basket trading?

Baskets cater to all account sizes. With vast coin variety, you can get started trading customized baskets with as little as $100.

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