Exploring BetPro’s Use of Virtual Reality in Betting

Virtual reality (VR) is transforming various industries, and betting is no exception. With the rise of technology and innovation, major sportsbooks are turning to VR to take betting to the next level. One such pioneer in using VR in the betting space is BetPro.

Overview of BetPro

<a href=”https://www.betpro.com/” target=”_blank”>BetPro</a> is one of the largest online sports betting sites in the world. Headquartered in Europe, it operates legally in many countries with proper licensing. The sportsbook offers betting options on all major sports and eSports tournaments.

According to market reports, BetPro processes over $5 billion in wagers annually. It aims to provide a secure and regulated platform for bettors. The company is also focused on innovation through emerging technologies like analytics, AI, and VR.

BetPro’s Strides in Offering VR Experiences

In the last few years, BetPro has made significant progress in using VR across its platforms:

2016: Initial VR Offerings

In 2016, BetPro first tested some basic VR environments for major tournaments. It allowed bettors to view real-time odds and place wagers while feeling present in a virtual stadium. This early adoption put the company ahead as a pioneer in VR betting.

2018: Launch of VR Rooms Across Devices

In 2018, BetPro introduced browser-based VR rooms for Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Users could explore tournament locations in VR and see stats, odds, and more. It soon expanded these offerings to other major tennis, soccer, and basketball events.

2020: BetPro VR Apps and Headsets

In 2020, BetPro launched dedicated VR apps for its sportsbook across devices like Oculus and VIVE. It also started shipping preconfigured headsets to users to simplify access to its VR rooms. The rich VR environments drew acclaim for their immersiveness and interactive features.
Bet Pro VR betting growth

As seen in the graph, BetPro registered tremendous growth in VR betting activity in a short span. Offerings like virtual VIP suites for top tournaments saw very positive response. Fans eagerly flocked to bet in these interactive environments.

Today, the company provides extremely rich and detailed VR worlds for over 500 major tournaments annually spanning tennis, soccer, basketball, eSports, and more.

Benefits of VR for BetPro

Using VR confers some unique advantages for BetPro over competitors:

Greater Customer Engagement

The immersive and exciting VR environments increase user engagement significantly. Bettors spend longer durations exploring interactive stadiums and easily access stats for intelligent wagering.

Wider Audience Reach

By extending experience beyond desktop, BetPro draws more smartphone and tablet users through accessible cross-platform VR. It expects over 20% of wagers to happen in VR by 2025.

Higher Revenue Potential

The company sees more wagering happening in VR compared to existing platforms. The average bet value is also higher. This directly translates to higher betting volumes and revenues.

Enhanced Brand Positioning

As a frontrunner in VR betting, BetPro establishes thought leadership in global sports betting industry. Its continued innovation cements its position as a preferred sportsbook brand worldwide.

How BetPro is Revolutionizing Wagering with VR

BetPro utilizes VR effectively to fuel growth while enhancing customer delight:

Immersive Environments

More Sports and Tournaments

Beyond major tournaments, BetPro will cover wider leagues, domestic tournaments, and college sports by 2025. It expects VR environments for thousands of matches annually.

Expanded Device Support

With browser-based VR getting robust, BetPro will expand cross-device support beyond mobiles and desktops. Integration with wearables and XR glasses to enable bettors to wager anytime, anywhere.

5G and Edge Computing

Low latency networking like 5G will power more responsive environments and seamless social interaction. BetPro is also evaluating edge computing to serve VR streams efficiently.

Other Innovation Areas

Concepts like digital twins, blockchain, and volumetric video are also being evaluated for things like accurate outcome simulation and life-like avatars.

BetPro aims to cement its leadership position in VR betting through continued innovation in partnership with pioneers in related spaces.


As evident, BetPro has made impressive progress in adopting VR across its sports betting platform. With richly detailed environments, interactivity, personalization, and social features, it has seen tremendous success already.

Its focus now is to build scale and expand the possibilities across sports, tournaments, devices, connectivity, and related technologies. With sound execution, BetPro is poised to transform betting globally as the undisputed leader in VR wagering. Providing an unparalleled immersive experience blended seamlessly with wagering possibilities is likely its next big frontier.


What hardware do I need to access BetPro’s VR environments?

You need a compatible VR headset like an Oculus Quest or HTC VIVE. Many mobiles now also support basic VR. Or you can use BetPro’s browser-based VR on laptops and desktops without any specialized hardware. Preconfigured headsets are also available.

Can I view stats and place bets while in VR on BetPro?

Absolutely! You can bring up odds, bet slips, tournament brackets, analytics, and more inside stunningly detailed VR arenas and stadiums. Placing bets through gestures or voice makes wagering completely seamless.

Does BetPro offer any special features for frequent bettors?

Yes, loyal users unlock access to exclusive VIP suites and environments packed with bonuses. You also earn redeemable points on wagers for collectibles. BetPro also promises preferential odds and special promotions to recognize valuable users.

Can I use VR environments even if I don’t want to bet?

BetPro does offer free access to VR stadiums without mandatory betting for some tournaments. You can still explore the ambience and check out many premium features. But full functionality will require an active sportsbook account.

What does the future hold for VR and betting?

The possibilities are endless! With tech advances, VR wagering will become more integrated, social, personalized and portable. BetPro is expected to push boundaries with realistic digital twins, immersive social spaces, predictive modelling, and more groundbreaking innovations!

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