Mastering BetPro Exchange’s Market Scanner: A Comprehensive Guide

BetPro Exchange’s Market Scanner is an invaluable tool for traders looking to identify money-making opportunities across thousands of markets. This powerful scanner allows you to apply filters to find markets based on specific criteria in order to uncover hidden gems primed for profits.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how to master BetPro’s Market Scanner so you can trade with absolute confidence. You’ll learn how to:

  • Utilize the different tabs for new market discovery
  • Filter by market type, volume, price change %, market status and more
  • Create customized scans and save them for future use
  • Interpret scanner results to pinpoint money-making markets
  • Incorporate scanner data into your trading strategy for optimal returns

So let’s dive in and transform the way you trade markets through BetPro Exchange’s Market Scanner!

Getting Started with Market Scanner

The Market Scanner feature is accessible through Trade > Market Scanner from your BetPro Exchange account.

This will open up the Market Scanner dashboard which consists of different tabs for discovery:

  • All Markets – View every market available to trade on BetPro Exchange
  • My Markets – See your Watchlist and Favorites
  • Create Scan – Build a custom scan based on your criteria
  • My Scans – Access your saved custom scans

In the section below, we’ll explore each of these tabs in detail so you can utilize the Market Scanner like a professional.

All Markets Tab

The All Markets tab displays all current markets available on BetPro Exchange in an easy-to-read table format.

By default, the markets are sorted by Default which arranges them alphabetically. However, you can apply sorts based on parameters like Volume, Last Price Change % and more to surface markets based on different metrics.

For each market, key details are shown such as the number of runners, status, volume traded, last price matched and the percentage change.

Reviewing movements and metrics here makes it simple to identify potential opportunities across sports, politics, entertainment and more on the exchange.

My Markets Tab

If you want to specifically see markets that you’ve previously traded or added to your Watchlist, then the My Markets tab is for you.

This tab exclusively shows your Watchlist along with markets designated as Favorites for ease of access.

Having your monitored markets in one place enables you to check for updated prices, movements and other vital info all from the Market Scanner.

Create Scan Tab

Here is where the real power of Market Scanner is unleashed.

The Create Scan tab allows you to establish specific criteria to actively filter BetPro’s market catalogue and pinpoint what you’re looking for.

There are 8 categories you can scan against:

  • Market Status – Suspended, Open, Closed
  • Market Type – Football, Tennis, Politics, Entertainment, E-Sports
  • Runners – 2, 3, 4+ runners
  • Start Time – Next 7 days, Next 24 hours
  • Volume – Total volume, Last hour volume
  • Last Price Matched – By value
  • Price Change % – Up or down by set percentage
  • Liquidity – Amount available to match

You can apply multiple filters across each variable to isolate lucrative markets with precision.

As an example, you could scan for:

  • Football markets
  • Opening in the next 24 hours
  • With only 2 runners
  • Where the price on one runner has moved up over 20% in the last hour

The scanner will then dynamically filter and showcase qualifying markets using your custom inputs.

Once you have the filters set, provide a name for your scan and save it for repeat use. Now the profitable markets fitting your criteria will always be a click away!

My Scans Tab

Saved scans are housed under the My Scans tab so you can revisit your customized searches with one tap.

All your uniquely named scans are displayed here chronologically, making recently created ones easier to access again.

You’ll also see a summary of the scan criteria, number of markets matching the filters, and date the scan was last run.

To pick back up on a rewarding scan, just select it and click “Run Scan” to refresh and capture updated information on those filtered markets.

Having access to your personalized, high-probability scans presents a major edge to stimulate trading.

Interpreting Scanner Results

Once your desired scan completes, the qualifying markets matching your filters will populate the results table.

  • The default display sort is by market name alphabetically
  • Alternatively, you can sort by metrics like volume, price change % and more

Here’s an example scanner result:

Now the question becomes – how do you interpret the scanner output to determine viable trading opportunities?

There are 5 key factors to analyze:

  1. Last Matched Price – Identify odds movement on the runners
  2. Price Change % – Speed of line movement over specified timeframe
  3. Total Matched – Current market volume and interest
  4. Liquidity – Availability to actually match your trades
  5. Start Time – Time remaining to take advantage of movements

Cross-comparing these data points reveals markets signaling potential money-making trades.

Seeing a sharp upward price shift (%) on a runner backed with increasing volume displays strong momentum. Querying liquidity then confirms enough market depth exists to match your trades at the current prices.

Liquidity coupled with notable swings in a market nearing start time is the prime combo for executing risk and profit balanced trades.

Now you have a proven methodology for accurately deciphering scanner outputs and capitalizing on high-confidence opportunities.

Incorporating Into Your Trading Strategy

Mastering Market Scanner is not just about uncovering short-term inefficiencies. When utilized properly, it can form the foundation of a data-driven trading approach.

Here is an outline for strategically implementing scanner workflows:

1. Establish Information Filters

Determine your ideal market criteria that offer an edge. Examples:

  • Sport type
  • Specific league/competition/event
  • Limited runner fields (2-4)
  • Short timeframes (matches opening < 48 hours)
  • Minimum liquidity thresholds
  • Specialized volume and price change filters to capture odds momentum

Save custom scans targeting your filters for routine running.

2. Scan Frequency

Decide optimal scan frequency based on market type and lifecycle.

  • Pre-match scans – Every 6-12 hours
  • In-play scans – Hourly or every 30 minutes

Set schedule to maximize identifying developing opportunities in alignment with trading availability.

3. Results Analysis Technique

Follow previous methodology to interpret scanner outputs and flag high-confidence prospects.

Develop your own ratings criteria for scanned markets. For example:

  • Hot – Major price/volume shifts signaling imminent trading potential
  • Warm – Early price motions to monitor for possible escalation closer to start
  • Cold – Insufficient signals present but still fits preferred scanning criteria

Categorizing markets helps optimize research effort on most viable trades.

4. Execution Rules

Finally, construct trading rules guiding scanned market execution.


  • Only trade markets with “Hot” rating
  • Determine ideal entry odds ranges
  • Set exposure limits by sport or market type
  • Require specific price motion confirmation before execution
  • Maintain risk protocols (stop losses, etc)

Rules transform signals into defined actions for consistent results.

Over time, refine filters, scans, and rules as you analyze performance. Optimize elements guiding your scanner-based strategy.

The market scanner empowers you to trade on probabilities over guesswork for phenomenal outcomes. Make it the centerpiece of your exchange markets strategy.


We’ve gone under the hood to demonstrate how BetPro’s Market Scanner can transform trading by filtering thousands of markets down to high-potential opportunities.

Here’s a quick recap of the scanner’s core benefits:

  • Market Discovery – Uncover fresh markets across sports, politics, entertainment and more through multiple access points
  • Custom Filtering – Build personalized scans targeting your ideal market criteria
  • Identify Hidden Gems – Pinpoint fast movers, early swings and value mismatches primed for profits
  • Probability Based – Scan results root decisions in hard data vs guesses
  • Strategic Focus – Central tool to drive an optimized, numbers-led trading process

Learning to leverage the Market Scanner is a milestone in mastering exchange trading. You now have the framework and techniques to utilize it effectively.

Turn scanned signals into winning market trades with disciplined scanning, analysis and execution. Then watch your P&L reach new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about mastering BetPro’s Market Scanner:

What are the main benefits of the Market Scanner?

The Market Scanner enables discovery of money-making market opportunities through filters, custom scans and results analysis. It’s a data-driven tool to pinpoint high-probability trades.

What filters should I apply in my custom scans?

Focus filters on market status, type, timeframe, liquidity, volume, price change % and other factors offering a potential edge. Save scans for regular running against your criteria.

How often should I run scans?

Frequency depends on market type and lifecycle stage. Adjust over time. Examples – Pre-match: Every 6-12 hours | In-play: Hourly or every 30 minutes.

What is the best way to interpret scanner results?

Cross-compare factors like price changes, market volume, liquidity depth and start times. Overlay your own ratings system on results to spotlight viable trades and monitor movement.

How do I create an effective Market Scanner trading strategy?

Utilize scans for pre-match discovery and trends. Define market filters, scan schedule, results analysis technique and execution rules that align with your trading availability and risk preferences. Continuously optimize.

So there you have it – everything you need for scanning supremacy. Now it’s time to put these tactics into practice with the Market Scanner. Happy hunting for those winning trades!

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