Private Transactions with CoinJoin: A Privacy Feature on BetPro Exchange

Privacy and security are growing concerns for cryptocurrency users. As digital assets become more mainstream, protecting sensitive transaction data is paramount. BetPro Exchange aims to address this need with CoinJoin – an optional privacy tool designed to obscure transaction details.

What is CoinJoin?

CoinJoin is a privacy technique that combines identical transactions from multiple users into a single transaction. This makes it difficult to determine which user controls which output. Originally proposed by developer Greg Maxwell in 2013, CoinJoin hides the source of funds, providing anonymity for cryptocurrency transactions.

How CoinJoin Works

To use CoinJoin on BetPro Exchange, users opt-in through their account settings. When sending or receiving funds, your transaction will wait in a queue to be matched with other users’ identical transactions. Once matched, the transactions are combined into one single output and broadcast to the blockchain in a batch.

An external party cannot determine which user controls which output addresses or funds. The mixing with other identical transactions provides plausible deniability for your transaction details.

Benefits of CoinJoin Transactions

Using CoinJoin on BetPro Exchange transactions has several key benefits:

Enhanced Financial Privacy

By mixing your transaction with other identical ones, the specific source or destination of funds is obscured. Your sensitive financial data is kept private.

No Third Party Risk

Unlike some privacy solutions that rely on a centralized mixer, CoinJoin transactions occur directly between users in a peer-to-peer manner. There is no need to trust a third party with custody of your assets.

No Additional Fees

CoinJoin transactions on BetPro do not incur any additional fees. Opting-in to privacy does not impact transaction costs.

Easy to Use

Simply enable CoinJoin in your BetPro account settings to begin taking advantage of private transactions. No complex setup or additional steps are required.

CoinJoin Use Cases

BetPro users may benefit from CoinJoin in scenarios like:

Personal Transactions

Obscure sends/receives between your own wallets or to family & friends.

Business Transactions

Minimize transparency for B2B invoices, contractor payments, etc.

Purchases & Sales

Keep payment sources private for buying/selling goods & services.


Anonymize contributions to causes or charitable organizations.

How BetPro Implements CoinJoin

BetPro Exchange utilizes the ZeroLink protocol to facilitate CoinJoin transactions. Originally pioneered by privacy-focused coin Zcash, ZeroLink allows senders and receivers to post encryptedZeroLink allows senders and receivers to post encrypted messages to find counterparties.

Once matched, the funds are sent via a complex cryptographic protocol that proves the transactions are identical without revealing specifics. Outputs are shuffled before being confirmed on the blockchain.

BetPro uses this streamlined process to match thousands of identical transactions per day. Together with small messaging fees paid in BTP tokens, this allows CoinJoin to operate sustainably long-term without centralized intervention.

CoinJoin vs Other Privacy Solutions

Unlike mixers and other privacy techniques, CoinJoin has distinct advantages:

Privacy SolutionKey WeaknessCoinJoin Benefit
Crypto MixersTrust in centralized operatorNo counterparty risk
Ring SignaturesLinkability between inputs/outputsBreaks links between sources and destinations
ZK-SnarksComputationally intensive cryptographyLeverages simple spends to combine identical transactions
Stealth AddressesAddress re-use impacts privacyShuffles outputs to new addresses each time

By coordinating peer-to-peer transactions, CoinJoin avoids downsides like reliance on a third party mixer service.

Future Outlook

Moving forward, we expect regulated exchanges like BetPro to focus heavily on optional privacy features like CoinJoin. As cryptocurrency adoption advances, users are becoming more data and security conscious.

Obscuring transaction details is also likely to assist exchanges in complying with developing regulations around financial disclosures. By offering users choice in privacy, BetPro hopes to satisfy preferences on both sides of the debate.


In summary, CoinJoin facilitates confidential cryptocurrency transactions by combining identical payments from multiple users. This innovation scrubs metadata to provide enhanced financial privacy.

Available today directly in your BetPro Exchange account settings, CoinJoin allows you to take control over your sensitive transaction data. Turn on private spends for any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cashtransfer with just one click.

Experience the future of decentralized finance by giving CoinJoin a try today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What transactions can utilize CoinJoin?

CoinJoin works for any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash transaction on BetPro Exchange. Enable it when withdrawing or depositing funds from your account.

Is there a minimum transaction amount?

Yes, 0.02 BTC or equivalent in other currencies. This minimum facilitates efficient matching.

Do both the sender and receiver need to enable CoinJoin?

No, only one party in the transaction needs to enable the feature for it to coordinate a private CoinJoin transaction.

What happens if the transaction fails to match?

You can choose to revert to a standard transparent transaction or retry matching over an extended timeframe if your CoinJoin attempt does not find a counterparty.

Can CoinJoin transactions be linked back to my account?

Extremely unlikely, but nothing is 100% guaranteed. CoinJoin uses advanced encryption and shuffling protocols to preserve anonymity. Most experts view it as sufficiently private for most threat models.

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