BetPro: Betting Trends and Predictions for the Coming Year

BetPro: Betting Trends and Predictions for the Coming Year

The betting landscape is constantly evolving. As we enter 2023, a number of key trends and factors look set to shape the industry over the next 12 months. In this article, we analyze the crucial developments to watch in the betting world and make some predictions on what could be in store.

The Continued Rise of Mobile Betting

Over the past decade, mobile betting has become one of the most dominant trends in the wagering industry. According to recent statistics, over 50% of sports bets are now placed via mobile devices.

This momentum is expected to continue in 2023, with the flexibility and convenience of mobile betting seeing more fans turn to their smartphones and tablets. Improved connectivity with 5G and enhanced mobile features from sportsbooks should also bolster mobile wagering.

Key Mobile Betting Predictions

  • Mobile bets to account for over 60% of all sports wagers placed *Launch of several new betting apps with innovative features *State-level legislative changes to further support mobile wagering

Live Sports Betting Takes Center Stage

Live, in-game betting has exploded in popularity in recent times. The ability to wager on ever-changing dynamics as a match plays out amps up the excitement levels for fans.

Industry projections suggest live betting could soon account for over half of all online sports wagers. The instant gratification it provides looks set to make it an essential component of sportsbooks’ offerings moving forward.

Key Live Betting Predictions

  • Live betting tipped to make up 55%+ of online sports bets
  • Evolution of risk management systems to facilitate more in-play wager options
  • Emergence of innovative bet types like live cash-out options

The Esports Betting Boom Rolls On

Esports betting has been growing at a breakneck pace, with revenues more than doubling between 2020 and 2021. As competitive gaming continues to captivate younger generations, that growth is expected to accelerate further in 2023.

Drivers like streaming platforms incorporating betting, bigger prize pools for tournaments, and states legalizing esports betting are set to catalyze the market. Expect wagering numbers to reach new highs.

Key Esports Betting Predictions

  • Total esports betting handle to grow by over 150% year-over-year
  • Increased convergence with traditional sports through high-profile events
  • Launch of dedicated esports betting lounges and venues

Cryptocurrency and NFT Integration

Cryptocurrencies have long been associated with betting, offering enhanced speed, security, and anonymity for punters. Sportsbooks have been quick to cotton on, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more integrated as payment options.

Expect more operators to buy into digitized assets in 2023 as familiarity grows. NFT integration could also provide sportsbooks an edge by enabling special offers, improved loyalty programs, and added utility for customers.

Key Crypto and NFT Predictions

  • Over 25% of betting sites to feature cryptocurrency payment support
  • Launch of first sportsbook NFT collections with practical implementations
  • Surge in crypto-exclusive promotional offers like boosted odds

Responsible Gambling Features Come to the Fore

Responsible gambling has taken on greater importance across the betting world lately. Operators now recognize the need to provide customers with tools and resources to wager safely.

Expect more sportsbooks to ramp up their efforts here by introducing comprehensive responsible gambling features in 2023. Admin limits, loss caps, timeout periods, and more could help prevent issues with problematic gambling.

Key Responsible Gambling Predictions

  • Increased investment in awareness programs and practical support measures
  • Implementation of national self-exclusion registers for enforcing betting blocks
  • Mandatory provision of usage trackers for all customers on gambling sites

Multi-State Compacts Strengthen US Markets

Multi-state sports betting compacts allow operators to pool their player bases across different states. In 2023, these partnerships look set to become a major priority.

Forming agreements between states allows brands to offer large jackpot pools, boost liquidity, and enhance the betting experience for customers. With more states legalizing wagering, compact deals could help fuel substantial growth.

Key Multi-State Compact Predictions

  • Over 15 active multi-state compacts instituted, spanning 25+ states
  • Launch of nation-wide parlay offerings with eight-figure prize pools
  • Interstate player pooling to become an important area of differentiation

Battle for Bettors Heats Up with Promotions

Facing mounting competition, sportsbooks will be compelled to offer more tempting promotions to acquire and retain bettors in 2023. Free bets, odds boosts, referral bonuses — expect exciting offers across the board.

Customers stand to benefit from this aggressive incentive strategy. Make sure to shop lines to maximize the value you get from boxing, UFC, NBA, NFL, and other betting promotions next year.

Key Promotional Predictions

  • Widespread no-risk offers like refunds for losing parlays
  • Establishment of full-fledged loyalty programs
  • Surge in VIP perks like free merch, tickets, and unique experiences

Venturing Into the Metaverse

Virtual and augmented reality open up endless possibilities for innovation. Trailblazing sportsbooks will soon start capitalizing by establishing presence in digital worlds within the metaverse.

Early metaverse betting experiments have already taken place, but expect more operators to dive in headfirst with actual betting products for customers in 2023. Exotic prop bets, immersive live betting, virtual sports simulators, and more could soon become a reality with metaverse integration.

Key Metaverse Predictions

  • Launch of first fully-functional metaverse betting hub
  • Introduction of hardware equipment for analyzing/tracking data points
  • Uniqueiated VR-specific bet types like avatar scoring metrics

FAQs on the Future of Sports Betting

Wondering what specific questions fans have about betting trends in 2023? Check out quick answers to some FAQs:

Will mobile sports betting overtake Vegas?

All signs point to mobile sports wagering surging drastically, well beyond the handle seen at Vegas sportsbooks. Improved tech, accessibility, personalization advantages for mobile will prove key.

Which states might legalize betting next?

California, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, and Missouri could potentially legalize sports betting in votes over the next year. All have shown significant lobbying, advocacy, and legislative momentum on this front.

What new US leagues could see betting expansion?

NASCAR, tennis, golf, and college sports look ripe for betting growth in states introducing wagering. International soccer leagues could also continue growing as niche offerings.

Could DAOs and Web3 impact betting?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations could allow bettors to collectively govern platforms built on Web3 infrastructure without centralized control. This may disrupt established brands longer-term.

What innovative technologies may emerge?

5G networks enabling seamless live betting, evolved analytics leveraging neural networks for forecasts, automatically executed dynamic parlays using blockchain oracles, and VR interfaces could grow in prominence.

The Future Looks Bright for Betting

As consumer preferences mature and new technologies unlock robust experiences, 2023 looks set to take sports betting to new heights in terms of handle, liquidity, product diversity, and more.

Established brands will double down on customer loyalty and retention efforts in light of fierce competition, while still keeping player safety front of mind. With landmark legislation potentially on the horizon, the stage is set for an eventful year for wagering across America.

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